What exactly is the Definition of Astrology?

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What is Astrology?

Astrology, is derived from the Greek word “Astron”, meaning “Star”, and the Greek word “Logos” meaning “Word”.  Astrology literally means “Language of the Stars”. Astrology is a symbolic language of observation and interpretation of our solar system’s celestial bodies. Through their relative positions and movements, Natal or Birth Charts can be plotted out, showing the influences on one’s behavior, human social events and changes in the natural world is Astrology defined. 

Astrology is a pseudo-science, and has no connections to Astronomy. Although, in ancient times the two were one in the same.

Astrology Beliefs

Astrology follows the ancient law of the Macrocosm “As Above – So Below”. Humanity lives in the Microcosm on Earth; the Macrocosm is the entirety of the Universe. Known to us as the stars that we can see from Earth. “As Above – So Below” equates to the “Macrocosm to the Microcosm”. So the belief was that the same laws that govern and guide the cosmos also govern and guide humanity. We are one with the universe, there is no separation. If we look to the heavens for understanding of it, we will in turn understand ourselves as well.

Western Astrology

Western Astrology by definition, consists of an exacting system of horoscopes that expose aspects of an individual’s personality and directs attention to predetermined outcome the future. This is a culmination of positions and directions of the Sun, the Moon, and all the planets at the time of the individual’s birth. The horoscopes are based on the Zodiac signs of each of the 12 months of the year. 

The Origin of Western Astrology

250-300 BC – A priest of Bel from Babylon named Berossus, came to Kos, one of the Greek Islands to teach Astrology and Babylonian culture to them. From ancient to medieval times, the belief was that Astrology was fate-oriented. Meaning, everything is read as being predestined, and that we do not have Free will to choose our own paths and direct our destiny. 

Chinese Astrology

Eastern or Chinese Astrology by definition, is the observation of celestial bodies and their relationship to the North Star. Unlike Western Astrology, Chinese Astrology has a Zodiac sign for each of the 12 years to a cycle. Chinese Astrology is a culmination of both Yin and Yang principles of philosophy and the solar and lunar calendars; the Five-Phases known as the 5-Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water; the 4 seasons, the 4 cardinal directions and the organs and systems of the human body.

What is a Natal or Birth Chart?

This is what a horoscope is; your birth chart is a precise map of the visible heavenly bodies at the exact moment of your birth. This is a simplified explanation that doesn’t even get into the stars and asteroids that also figure into this mapping. This chart is your astrological birth snapshot, that plots out your personality, your inner psyche and a road map to your potentials and future events. Some have equated a Natal Chart to be your own Personal Mandala, symbolizing your highest potentials. Today we have a more “free will” approach to this form of divination.  With that, we can choose our own paths to best use what we have learned from these charts. 

Should I trust what my Horoscope says?

Just knowing the potential for positive change already makes the difference in the mind. 

To choose your best path mapped by the stars, is Astrology Defined. 

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