Cancer Zodiac Sign Health and Wellness

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Each zodiac sign rules a particular body system or particular body anatomy.  It can be important for each zodiac sign to pay particular attention to this designated area and practice preventative care.  Certain foods, minerals, and herbs are aligned with each of the zodiac signs.  Each zodiac sign can experience both physical and mental health imbalances in different ways.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Corresponding Body Systems

Cancer rules the chest, breast, and stomach.  The Moon rules over Cancer and has often been associated with the digestive system and the blood flow in the body.  Those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer often appear with a rounded face and features.  Since Cancer rules the stomach and breasts, the Cancer zodiac sign person may appear prominent in these areas.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Health and Wellness Activities

Cancer zodiac sign people are the most family-oriented people of the zodiac.  These individuals need quality family time for their well-being.  Those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer will love to engage in family games and activities to achieve health and wellness.  Although Cancer people love to spend time with family, they also love to spend time in solitude.  Activities they can do alone such as meditation, creative art, crafts, gardening, painting, and yoga would be beneficial for them.

Preventive Care for Cancer Zodiac Sign

Since Cancer zodiac signs people are prone to digestive problems, taking care of their gut health is especially important.  Taking probiotics and striving to keep a good balance of gut bacteria will help Cancer zodiac sign people to avoid having their digestive system thrown off track.  Cancer zodiac sign people, especially females, should have annual breast cancer screenings for preventative care.  Cancer zodiac signs people are prone to moodiness and depression.  Due to this, it may be easy for them to oversleep or sleep in.  This is why it is important for them to balance a healthy day time activity schedule with an adequate sleep cycle.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Foods

Since Cancer zodiac signs are prone to digestive problems, the foods they choose to eat are especially important.  Cancer zodiac sign individuals should choose fruits, steamed vegetables, beets, tomatoes, vegan yogurt, and natural sugars.  They should avoid oily, salty, and deep-fried foods.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Herbal Remedies

Some helpful herbs for Cancer zodiac sign people have been sage, aloe, lemon balm, bay, and parsley.  Other herbal remedies for Cancer zodiac sign people are Rhodiola rosea, green tea, dandelion, peppermint, and Siberian ginseng.

Potential Health Problems for Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer zodiac signs people can suffer from stomach and GI issues of all types.  They may be prone to acid reflux, ulcers, and digestive disorders.  Cancer zodiac sign people may also suffer from disorders related to the chest and breasts.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Mental Health

Cancer is prone to moodiness and depression.  This makes it especially important for them to practice positive thinking, affirmations, and practices.  They may also want to engage in talk therapy as an outlet to express their fragile emotions.

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