How You Behave In A Relationship According To Your Zodiac Sign

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People have different behavior patterns in relationships, depending on their zodiac sign. From being nervous to being overly excited, in this video, we are talking about all of them.

1. Aries
You are often jumping into things without giving a second thought. This trend also continues in your love life. It’s because of this reason you go through such terrible breakups and emotional meltdowns. Most of the time, you go through with a relationship without knowing the person too well.

2. Taurus
There are usually two stages to a Taurus in a relationship. One of which is their “casual flings” stage, this is where Taurus just wants to keep things light and not get emotions involved. A lot of Taurus usually take this approach in their youth as it allows them to assess their options. After all, there is plenty of fish in the dating lake.

3. Gemini
When you date a Gemini, you don’t just date one person. You are essentially dating more than a dozen people. Geminis are whimsical, moody and they change every time the wind blows. This is why Geminis are called two-faced lovers. Some of it is usually intentional. You see, Geminis like to appear mysterious and interesting.

4. Cancer
Cancers get a bad reputation for being clingy, which isn’t entirely their fault. This is because Cancers usually date people who can be cold or distant at times. Usually, people like this would see a Cancer’s warmth as clingy. Of course, sometimes they can be too clingy. Apart from that, they are usually very loyal and devoted.

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