Leo Zodiac Signs and the Holidays

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Certain holidays have become an important part of Western Culture. Although many of the holidays have similarities in the way they are celebrated, we all have friends and family that have their own original ways of anticipating, preparing, celebrating, and spending the holidays.  The zodiac sign our friend or family member was born under often has a lot to do with this.  Here, we take a look at Leo Zodiac Signs and the Holidays.  The best thing about the holiday for Leo zodiac signs is entertaining.

Leo Zodiacs Signs and New Year’s Eve

Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo love to be first.  They identify well with the number one, hence the holiday that brings in the 1st day of the New Year.  Leo zodiac sign people will want to bring in the New Year in a big way.  They will be the type of people to want to go to a large fireworks display or a grand New Year’s Eve celebration.  They will also want to celebrate in style.

Leo Zodiac Signs and Easter

The person dressed as the Easter bunny could well be a Leo zodiac sign.  Leo loves to be the center of attention and admiration and what better way than to be the Easter bunny themselves.  These people are natural entertainers.  They will have the ability to entertain children with their charismatic demeanor.

Leo Zodiac Signs and The Fourth of July

Leo zodiac sign individuals will love to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday.  Leo zodiac signs exhibit a fire element.  They love grand displays of explosives and will travel to see them.  They may want to be the one putting on the fireworks show for others.

Leo Zodiac Signs and Halloween

Leo zodiac sign people love to dress up and wear costumes.  This is all a part of their theatrical style.  The most memorable Halloween costume at a Halloween party will most likely be worn by a Leo zodiac sign individual.  Leo zodiac sign people will also love dramatic displays during this holiday.  They are the types that will love to go to haunted houses and hayrides where emotional reactions and displays take place.

Leo Zodiac Signs and Thanksgiving

Leo zodiac signs will want to have the largest and best Thanksgiving dinner.  If they are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, they will strive to offer an over the top menu with a four or five course meal.  If they are not cooking themselves, they may want to get the meal catered and have a banquet style dinner.  Leo zodiac sign people may entertain their guests with music and storytelling.

Leo Zodiac Signs and Christmas

Leo zodiac signs will love to celebrate Christmas in grandiose style. They will love to be the person in the neighborhood with the largest Christmas holiday display.  These folks will love to decorate the insides and outsides of their homes from top to bottom.  Leo zodiac signs will love to show off their homes to friends and family.

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