Leo Zodiac Signs Magickal Correspondences

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Magickal Correspondences and their relations to the Zodiac Signs

Correspondences have been used since ancient times serving as systems of making order out of chaos.  These magical associations have not only been used in medieval grimoires but also can be found all throughout the universe.  Magical links have been recorded in early Christian Gnostic texts, the book of Enoch, among the Celtics and Druids, and ancient Egyptian systems.   As each magical art has its own correspondences, so does Astrology and the zodiac signs.

Leo Zodiac Signs Correspondences

Each of the Zodiac Signs has its own individual correspondences and associations.  Leo is ruled by the Sun and exhibits a fire element and a fixed mode.  Leo zodiac sign corresponds to the metal gold. It also corresponds to the color gold, deep shades of orange, and darker shades of yellow.  Leo zodiac sign corresponds to the birthstones Cat’s eye and Ruby.  Here, we will look at more correspondences of different categories for the zodiac sign of Leo.

Leo Zodiac Signs House Correspondence

Leo zodiac signs correspond to the fifth house of the zodiac.  The fifth house of the zodiac is all about amusements, recreation, performance, the arts, pleasures, short trips, and children.  For Leo, being in the entertainment business or using their creative talents are significant life motivators for this zodiac sign.

Leo Zodiac Signs Animal Correspondences

Leo Zodiac signs correspond to the following animals: the lion, domestic cat, and lynx.

Leo Zodiac Signs Crystal and Gemstone Correspondences

Leo zodiac signs correspond to the crystals and gemstones of amber, boji stone, carnelian, cat’s eye, chrysocolla, citrine, danburite, emerald, fire agate, garnet, golden beryl, green and pink tourmaline, kunzite, larimar, muscovite, onyx, orange calcite, petalite, pyrolusite, quartz, red obsidian, rhodochrosite, ruby, tiger’s eye, topaz, turquoise, and yellow spinel.

Leo Zodiac Signs Locations and Places Correspondences

Leo zodiac signs correspond to the following locations and places: Rome, Italy; Rivera, France; Prague, Czech Republic; Turkey, southern Iraq, Lebanon, Bohemia; Bombay, India; Chicago and Philadelphia, USA; exclusive resorts; jungles, woods, forests, hot deserts, inaccessible places, anywhere near a fire or furnace; castles, fireplaces, chimneys, ovens, and stoves.

Leo Zodiac Signs Herb Correspondences

Leo zodiac signs correspond to the following herbs: eyebright, borage, St. John’s wort, marigold (calendula) wake-robin, Hawthorne, mistletoe, and motherwort.

Leo Zodiac Signs Food Correspondences

Leo zodiac signs correspond to parsley, rich foods, meat, walnuts, honey, spinach, kale, and watercress.

Leo Zodiac Signs Chinese Astrology Correspondences

The original Chinese Astrology system was based on twelve earth branches.  Each branch corresponds with a name, animal name, personality type, saying, and western sign equivalent. Leo zodiac sign corresponds to branch number nine named Shen.  The corresponding animal is the monkey.  The corresponding personality type is the innovator. Finally, the corresponding saying is “I think.”

Leo Zodiac Signs Body Correspondences

Medical Astrology designates certain parts and systems of the body with each of the zodiac signs.  Leo zodiac signs correspond to the heart, vena cava, back, spine, spinal cord, and thymus gland.

Leo Zodiac Signs Tarot Correspondences

Leo Zodiac Sign corresponds to the Strength Tarot card, and to the number eight.  The Strength card exhibits great bravery and courage similar to the fiery energy of the zodiac sign of Leo.  The zodiac sign of Leo can also relate to the Sun tarot card, as the Sun tarot card exhibits bright and charismatic energy similar to the zodiac sign of Leo.

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