Scorpio Zodiac Signs and the Holidays

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Certain holidays have become an important part of Western Culture. Although many of the holidays have similarities in the way they are celebrated, we all have friends and family that have their own original ways of anticipating, preparing, celebrating, and spending the holidays.  The zodiac sign our friend or family member was born under often has a lot to do with this.  Here, we take a look at Scorpio Zodiac Signs and the Holidays.

Scorpio Zodiacs Signs and New Year’s Eve

Scorpio zodiac signs will love to spend a low-key evening celebrating New Year’s Eve alone or with a loved one.  They may not feel to venture out into the busy city or engage with busy crowds.  If they do attend a party, they will be found there creating their own space in a corner or off-beat spot.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs and Valentine’s Day

If your partner was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, he or she will love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you in a romantic and sensual way.   Scorpio zodiac signs people love to express their sexuality, so you could be in for a sizzling night of romance.  These individuals will love to get unconventional gifts for their partner such as furry handcuffs to make Valentine’s Day a little more adventurous.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs and Easter

Scorpio zodiac sign people are highly spiritual.  These individuals may love to practice their spirituality as they see fit for the Easter holiday.  This could mean attending Church, mass, or a synagogue.  Afterwards they will love to spend some low-key time with special friends and family members. 

Scorpio Zodiac Signs and The Fourth of July 

Scorpio zodiac sign people are adventurous and have a tendency to be daring.  They will be attracted to the adventurous spirit of the fourth of July holiday.  Scorpio zodiac sign people also like to explore new territory.  This means they may like to get out and go to an off-beat location to watch a fireworks display.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs and Halloween

Scorpio zodiac sign people will love to exercise their creativity for Halloween.  These folks will love to be able to engage their dark sides by dressing in gothic and scary costumes.  Scorpio identifies well with the themes of Halloween.  This is because Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, which has been associated with the God of the underworld. 

Scorpio Zodiac Signs and Thanksgiving

Scorpio zodiac sign people may enjoy engaging in various types of games with friends and family after Thanksgiving dinner.  These individuals love to solve complex puzzles and riddles.  They are very curious and always longing to unravel mysteries.  They will also enjoy watching crime documentaries and unsolved mysteries before or after Thanksgiving dinner.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs and Christmas

As those born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio like to remain in touch with their spirituality, Christmas will be another holiday in which they will feel spiritually full.  These individuals will again love to attend Church, mass, a synagogue, or a temple of worship. 

Scorpio zodiac signs are independent and like to have alone time.  This is why these individuals may cherish their time in solitude and worship for the holiday.  This will then help them to feel full and enlightened when they do meet with friends and family to celebrate the season

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