The Zodiac Signs as Nails

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Due to this year’s pandemic, many people do not feel comfortable traveling out to nail salons like they used to.  This has made DIY nails, manicures, and pedicures more popular.  There are a number of options on the market for these types of DIY nail products.  What makes one product, style, or method of doing nails more appealing or less appealing to some?  The zodiac sign a person was born under can affect all of these personal preferences.

Aries Zodiac Signs as Nails

Aries zodiac sign people will naturally favor stiletto shaped nails.  They will go for classic red and bright colored pink polish.  They will favor a look that is classic and sexy.

Taurus Zodiac Signs as Nails 

Taurus zodiac signs will love having regular manicures and pedicures. This is due to their ruler, Venus.  These folks will love to have nails that look visually pleasing and beautiful.  They may like to use nail dip kits and polygel nails.

Gemini Zodiac Signs as Nails

Gemini zodiac signs love duality.  This means they will love to switch up their look and style of their nails on a regular basis.  They may go for extreme opposite looks from time to time.

Cancer Zodiac Signs as Nails

Cancer zodiac signs will love coffin shaped nails.  They will like blue, purple, and dark color nail polishes.  Cancer zodiac sign people love animals.  This may make them like animal art on their nails.

Leo Zodiac Signs as Nails 

Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo will like their nails to stand out and appear flashy.  They will love to have long nails with different colored glitters and designs.  They will love to also wear flashy nail accents. 

Virgo Zodiac Signs as Nails

Virgo zodiac sign people will be more inclined to keep their nails short and neat.  They will favor brown, white, and beige colored nails.  Virgo zodiac sign people will also go for a classic French style.  Their toes should be done and also match well.

Libra Zodiac Signs as Nails

Like Taurus, Libra zodiac sign individuals are also ruled by planet Venus.  This makes getting their nails done an essential part of their beauty routine.  Libra zodiac signs may love nail art like small, dried flowers and gemstones to be placed on their nails. 

Scorpio Zodiac Signs as Nails

Scorpio zodiac sign people will favor a stiletto style nail.  They love this sexy and edgy look.  Scorpio zodiac sign people will love dark nail polish and dark nail art.  They will also be drawn to art such as lace on the nail.

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs as Nails

Sagittarius zodiac signs are one of the most adventurous  zodiac signs of the zodiac.  This will show in their nails also.  These individuals will love to wear different types of nail art on their nails. They may like nail stamps that produce different symbols and designs on their nails.

Capricorn Zodiac Signs as Nails

Like Virgo, Capricorn zodiac sign people will like their nails to have a clean and classic look.  They will favor short, square nails with plain polish.  They will also like a classic French manicure.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs as Nails

Aquarius zodiac sign people are very versatile.  They will love to change up their nails on a regular basis.  They will change the look of their nails from a coffin to stiletto, to square and short.  You will see an Aquarius zodiac sign person with more unconventional color polishes such as orange, green, and yellow on their nails.  They also will have something unique on their nails such as 3D nail art. 

Pisces Zodiac Signs as Nails

Pisces zodiac sign individuals are deep and introspective.  Like Cancer zodiac signs, they will like nail color polishes in colors such as blue, purple, and black.

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