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Numerology is responsible for studying the vibratory and energetic frequencies that make up the universe of numbers.  From 0 to 9, each number brings a message; learning and virtue to develop. Now, what happens when instead of a number, sequences of numbers appear?  Today we will review the meaning of the 444 numerology sequence and the reasons why the Universe is sending you that message.

Numerical Sequences:

Since we have reviewed the meaning of each number, we know that there are many ways in which you can determine which numbers vibrate with you.  We know that when we get, say, the number 167, you can add it until it is reduced to 5:

167 → 1 + 6 + 7 = 14 → 1 + 4 = 5

But another alternative is to “add” the messages or lessons of number 1, number 6, and 7.  This creates a better diagnosis of the situation that may be affecting you at that time. In the case of repeated numbers, as is the case with the meaning of 444 numerology, we are finding that the energy of the number 4 is magnified.

The Meaning of 444 Numerology

For scholars of numerology, finding sequences of numbers is always an unequivocal sign that the message implies that the frequency of that number is very high.  For example, if we find a sequence in which the number 8 is repeated three times, it could be indicating that that person’s leadership capacity is at its peak and that he will have every opportunity to continue growing on that path.

Now, 444 numerology meaning takes us back to think about the meaning of the number 4.  Our spiritual guides, angels, ascended masters use different methods to communicate with us. When they express themselves through the number 4 the message is related to order, hierarchy, and reason.

What is the message of number 4

The number 4 is the force that organizes and gives a place to everything in the universe. It is related to systems, structures, traditions…  It is not a flexible number. On the contrary, it is the number that gives order to the chaos of creation. Just as the Emperor of Tarot comes to reign with an unstoppable force in the path of the Hero, so comes number 4 with stone bases and ram horns.

Impartiality, precision, rationality …  The ideal characteristics for the operation of a financial company, for a court of justice.  That is why people whose birth number is 4 tend to work in organizations that are rigidly guided by the rules.  They find comfort in perfectly understanding how the world in which they move works.

What is the message of sequence 444

The meaning of 444 numerology meaning can fork into multiple messages:

Give more order to your life: 

If you are at a time when everything seems impossible when you feel stuck and achieving your goals seems unlikely, perhaps what you are missing is a plan.  Organize everything on paper. Take a deep breath and analyze the possibilities, alliances, and paths by which you can reach your goals. There may be a number of steps that you must follow to reach them, but don’t be discouraged! With discipline, you can go further than you imagine.

Lose yourself to dance! 

No, it’s not a typo; we mean literally, loosen up.  You can be very strict, rigid or inflexible and that is what has been causing the stagnation you’re living.  Open yourself to live new experiences. Consider alternatives and paths that you would never have taken seriously. Thinking outside the box can make you innovate and succeed in ways you will never succeed if you follow the same formula as everyone else.

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