8 Crucial Starseed Quests You May Be Embarking On While You Sleep

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8 Crucial Starseed Quests You May Be Embarking On While You Sleep – Have you noticed that your dreams are even more vivid and powerful recently?

Well, if you have found yourself searching for your true multi-dimensional nature then it’s likely that you’re being kept really busy as you dream!

You may feel exhausted now, but just know that your work is of tantamount importance at this time as we attempt to transition into the fifth dimension.

So how do you know that you have been put to good use?

Here are the 10 crucial dream time quests for all Starseeds!

Learn more about 8 crucial Starseed quests you may be embarking on while you sleep by watching the video below!

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  1. Billi Dean

    Loved the video. At one piont i was knowing of what i mission was on while in the astral realms but now its a lil foggy and im working on that. I do astral project and i do know how to control my dreams and be aware i am in a bream state amd astral realms. Most the time i feel like I’ve already been where i am in my dreams. They also feel very important and have great purpose and meaning.
    I connect the stronest to Resetting time lines and Dream Messeges. This video taught me alot and i really appreciate the information u have provided. In some ways i feel connected to all these Quests and i feel like i may have more than 1 or 2 jobs in the cosmos. I truly feel like i am here on Earth as a human for something greater than myself and all of humanity. I believe humans have a speicial place and meaning and I’m here to help them remeber who they are and why they exist in this never ending life we live.

    -Billi Dean
    Namaste πŸ’™πŸ’œ

  2. Cathy Brown

    Did I have to watch the video for the list? I didn’t because I’m more of a reader than a person who watches tv or videos. Guess I missed out.

  3. Amanda Jones

    Hi Hayden
    Thank you , for sharing insights.
    You are doing very important work . Has a Energy Field Healer myself (amongst various other skill set’s acquired ) .
    I feel i need all Elixers ,.

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