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In this article, we’ll be revealing the mysterious and divine mission of the angels through angel numerology.  As representatives of God’s love, angels send us secret messages, and sometimes those messages are hidden in numbers that constantly repeat themselves in our day-to-day.  In this article, we’ll delve into the meaning behind the number Four, our search for stability.

Angel Numerology Four Message:

The number Four brings order to the universe.  The cardinal points, the winds, the seasons, the quadrants… Everything is uncompromisingly organized so that we can grow, sow, navigate, and understand the world in general.  The numerological energy of number Four provides precision, rationality, rigidity, and impartiality.

The mission of people born under this number is to build new and better systems. But that excess rigidity can also sometimes be too much.  Angels resort to numerology when they want to help us or give us their support to deal with difficult times.

When the angels communicate with you by sending you messages with the Number Four, it’s to remind you they are beside you, watching your back. Either because you feel that your world has collapsed, or because you don’t have the flexibility to reinvent yourself or adapt to new circumstances, angels come to offer you their message of peace and serenity.

Angel Numerology Lessons:

If there is something stable in life, it’s change. This reality is difficult to swallow. Nevertheless, everything that seems chaotic around us follows an order that tends to stability. You will be able to get out of this, you have to have faith and maintain confidence in yourself. You are not alone, that’s for sure.

If you are having dark thoughts, facing depression or anxiety, one of the mysteries of Angel Numerology is the constant appearance of repetitive numbers, especially those who include number Four.  If you find sequences with the Angel number Four, it is believed that they can be interpreted as a request for you to change the way you’re acting or thinking.  In fact, according to Angel Numerology, the repetition of the number Four means:

No, don’t do it.

Do not follow that path.

Don’t keep feeding that thought.

You can, and will, get through this.

How Can I Invoke the Presence of an Angel?

In nature, we find many secrets that can help you channel positive energy at home. The presence of small fountains, plants, and natural light sources are excellent for balancing the energy of your space and making it more pleasant for channeling spiritual energies such as angels.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, or can’t find the solution to a problem: light a candle: The color you like, preferably in light tones. Candlelight is an excellent way to attract positive energies to your home. Light the candle with the firm intention of communicating with the angels, focus on your breathing while reestablishing your inner peace.

Search within yourself for balance and love. Light the candle and contemplate its flame while you meditate and ask for divine intervention. Soon enough, you will see how you will begin to find answers and Angel Numerology messages everywhere.

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