Angel Numerology Number Seven:

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In this article, we’ll be revealing the mysterious and divine mission of the Angels through Angel Numerology.  As representatives of God’s love, Angels send us secret messages, and sometimes those messages are hidden in numbers that constantly repeat themselves in our day-to-day.  In this article, we’ll delve into the meaning behind the number Seven, the opportunity to change our perspective.

Angel Number Seven Message:

According to Angel’s Numerology, the number 7 brings with it a powerful message of reflection and introspection to help you change your point of view.  Sometimes, when we blindly cling to our beliefs, they become problems. Clinging to a set of beliefs can turn out to be harmful and toxic in our relationship with others, even with our own spiritual growth.

This is due to the fact that we refuse to grow up.  We stay firmly planted in the past, stuck on traditions and beliefs that may have once seemed practical to us, but are no longer well enough equipped to explain the phenomena we are experiencing now. Angels messages charged with the energy of the number seven are always a call to remember that all we think we know about the world is just a sliver of the immensity and complexity of the universe that God has created for us. 

Angel Numerology Lessons:

Gratitude is a shortcut to happiness.  Angels Numerology uses the number 7 to advise you to reflect on the manner in which you see things.  The message is to appreciate the small things:

  • Enjoy every moment you share with your loved ones.
  • Treasure the details that make you smile.
  • Practice generosity on a daily basis.

We can change the world with our gratitude.  Every one of us has the potential to shape their own reality.  If all of us contribute in changing their negative energy into a positive, grateful one, we’ll have the power to change the world.  Take, for example, the way in which you face your problems when you’re in love. Things don’t seem to be as bad when you’re looking at the world through the colored veil that is love, right?

That’s the way that God’s Angels want you to feel every day: in love with life itself.  It’s up to you to decide whether the glass is half full or half empty. 

How Can I Invoke the Presence of an Angel?

Now that we know the various methods to invoke an Angel’s presence, it’s time to ask yourself: how can I create an atmosphere free of negative energy?  You’ll find that the methods for invoking Angels that we’ve shown you thus far will give you favorable results in any situation, particularly when you need it most.

However, for your wellbeing and that of your family, your home must be free of negative energies so that the Angels may bless it with assertive communication, familial union, and harmony.  Maintaining that peaceful, harmonious energy will also make your house a space in which Angelical energy flows freely. 

To liberate your home of bad energies:

  • Claim it: Dedicate some time to meditate with the firm intention of claiming your home as a space free of bad energies.  If it’s nighttime, turn on the lights. You may also choose to turn light some candles to perform the Angelical summoning we recommended before.
  • Open your windows: Before you meditate, open all the windows of your home.  This will allow the wind’s energy to flow through all its rooms, which will also allow you to release much of the accumulated tension in your life and in the rooms. 

We tend not to notice this, but weeks may pass by with stagnant energy in our homes; festering, accumulating all the stress, the pain, the doubts, the fears…  All the negativity of those days focused on one small space. Let nature run its course. Allow the air to blow through your house and exorcise the demons from your life.  Allow it to reinvigorate your soul with something as earthly as a gentle breeze.

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