Crystal Reading πŸ’Ž Your September 2020 Crystal Message (Numerology, Tarot & Color Reading)

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Welcome to your Crystal Reading for September 2020! Are you ready to step into the Divine energy of this month?

As a 4 Universal month inside a 4 Universal year, September is charged with the stabilizing energy of foundation and practicality. This potent period is calling for you to think about your vision for the future and start laying down the foundations now!

You have the power to build anything you desire, so now is the time to focus on what you would to create!

Place your hands over heart as you connect with your personalized Crystal reading.

You can skip ahead to receive your personalized Crystal message below…
πŸ’Ž Crystal Message #1 – 0:43
πŸ’Ž Crystal Message #2 – 4:29
πŸ’Ž Crystal Message #3 – 8:35

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