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How can Dream Interpretation help you? 

Interpreting your nocturnal dreams can often help you better understand the events in your waking life. Dream interpretation can also help you gain greater self -awareness about your thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Dreams can be reflections of our past lifetimes and memories. They can also be a visual manifestation of what we are currently feeling. Still, other dreams can be prophetic and future oriented. Dream interpretation will help you to determine the type of dream and what it means for you.

Elements to look for in Dream Interpretation

There are several elements to interpret from your dreams. Visions are usually what comes to mind first.  Did you dream in black and white or in color? If it was in color, what colors stand out? Different colors have different meanings for the dream. For example, warm colors such as orange and yellow can indicate a strong happy energy. Other colors such as black and grey can indicate gloom and unhappiness. Reds and pinks can indicate love and romance.  Purples and blues can indicate a high level of spirituality. What did you see in the dream? Objects and symbols are also important elements to recall. 

Feelings are often more important than visuals in dream interpretation.  How did you feel in this dream? Were you happy and content, or depressed and anxious? Did you feel fearful or frightened?  Bemused or bewildered? Perplexed? Angry or hostile?

Another element to look for in your dream interpretation is other sensory sensations.  Examples would be hearing and touch. Did you hear any sounds or music in the dream? Did you feel any specific sensations within your body?  Did you feel you came into contact with any objects or entities? Did you feel detached from your physical body? Theses are all important elements to look for.

Methods for Dream Interpretation

For starters, a dream dictionary is always a great source for dream interpretation.   You can find free dream dictionaries online. If you prefer something more tangible, you can find one at a bookstore usually in the new age/spirituality section.  Depending upon the size of the dictionary, hundreds of symbols can be decoded. 

Dream journals are an excellent method for dream interpretation and dream recall.  We often forget our dreams of important elements within them. Using a dream journal consistently will help you to have a written record you can look back on at any given time.  Keep your journal close to where you sleep. Record your first impressions of your dreams as soon as you awake. 

Meditation can be another important method for dream interpretation.  Going into a meditative state relaxes our brain and helps with dream recall. It helps us to concentrate on the important key elements within our dreams. 

Undergoing hypnosis is another alternative method for dream interpretation. This is best done by a trained professional. Dreams are a part of our subconscious mind. Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind. Hence, it would be a helpful method for dream interpretation and recall. 

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