May 2020 Spirit Guide Reading: Give Yourself Permission To Let Go!

You are currently viewing May 2020 Spirit Guide Reading: Give Yourself Permission To Let Go!

What are you still holding on to? A painful experience from the past? A negative belief? An old habit? Well, this is the time to just let it all go!

You may feel like you need a sign to tell when it's time to let go, but that's not the case. You hold the power. So, give yourself permission to move forward. Don't let the voice that tells you 'can't' stop you, you are more powerful than you think!

True change comes from within, so trust that you have everything you need to take a step in a new direction.

Take a moment to breathe before you choose Spirit Message #1, #2 or #3. You can skip to your personalized message below…

Message #1 — 00:41
Message #2 — 05:11
Message #3 — 09:40

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Jessica McKay is an intuitive guide and spiritual teacher who offers intuitive tarot readings with your spirit guides. She’s a contributor to the book, When Heaven Touches Earth – A Little Book of Magic, Miracles, and Wonders by James Van Praagh, Sunny Dawn Johnston, and Lisa McCourt. To find out more or to schedule a reading, visit

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