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Numerology Number 1

Numerology: The Life Path Number

Your Life Path Numerology number is the most important number derived from your date of birth.  It can never change. This number provides insights into your innate talents and strengths. These talents must be activated to fully realize their potential.  As there are talents and strengths, there are also challenges and weaknesses. 

Life Path Numerology Number 1

The Numerology of Life Path Number 1 is a road of independence and leadership.  At times, being a born leader can also mean standing alone. 

Positive Traits of the Life Path Number 1: Self-motivated, self-sufficient, motivated, initiating, quick-minded.

Challenging Traits of the Life Path 1: Perfectionist, stubborn, has difficulty completing tasks, can take constructive criticism too personally.

Numerology: The Attitude Number 

Your attitude number is also derived from your date of birth.  It refers to your general approach to life. If your Life Path number does not resonate with you, it could be due to your attitude number.

Attitude Number 1

Individuals with an Attitude numerology number 1 come across as self-starters and initiators.  They will happily jump full force into any situation. They are driven to be the best. Their daily approach to life is innovative and dynamic. 

Numerology: The Soul, or Soul Urge Number

The Soul Number, also often called the Soul Urge Number, is derived from your official birth name.  Your Soul Number refers to your inner most desires, motivations and how you express love. 

Soul Number 1

A Soul Number 1’s most inner desire is to be the very best at whatever they do.  They have a very competitive nature. Their desire is to be recognized as the best within their field.  They long to be respected and acknowledged. They are motivated by these inner most desires. A Soul Number 1 has high ideals in love.  They need their space and trust is very important to them.

Numerology: The Destiny Number 

Your Numerology Destiny Number is also derived from your official birth name.  Your Destiny Number refers to your personal purpose and your purpose to society at large. 

Destiny Number 1

As a Destiny Number 1, your personal purpose is to work independently.  Your purpose is to strengthen your authoritarian and leadership skills. Your purpose to your community, or society at large, is to lead and guide others. 

Astrological Associations: Numerology Number 1

The numerology of number one is associated with the 1st Astrological house. This is the house is about physical appearance, self-expression, initiation and vitality. It can also be about self-awareness, personal interests, efforts to move forward and new projects. The number one can also symbolize new cycles and new beginnings. The first house is ruled by the self-initiating sign of Aries. Aries is a born leader who is driven and courageous.

Tarot Associations: Numerology Number 1  

The Magician in the Major Arcana of the Tarot is associated with the numerology of number 1. The Magician can be seen as the initiator of ideas.  The card carries a very high vibrational message with it. The Magician tells you that you have all the resources you need to move forward with whatever it is your heart desires in life.  Manifestation of your hopes, aims and wishes are all within your reach. Move forward with great optimism in your endeavors.

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