Numerology of the Major Arcana Tarot Cards: The Lovers, The Chariot, and Strength

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The Major Arcana makes up 22 cards of the 78 Tarot Cards in a deck. The remaining is the Minor Arcana. The cards of the Major Arcana are numbered 0-21, and being a tool of divination, they lend themselves nicely to insights of Numerology as well. 

The focus here will be on the Numerology and Tarot Card meaning of The Lover – number 6, The Chariot – number 7, and Strength – number 8.  

The cards of the Major Arcana are large Archetypal picture cards that carry heavily weighted symbolic meanings of one’s passage along life’s path. Depicting the early years, middle age and senior years of the traveler, as to help see clearly – not only why and where you are at, but also to determine where and how to proceed in the near future.

Histories and Similarities between Tarot Cards and Numerology

From the dawn of man, we have conveyed our thoughts and perceptions of events in pictograms and cave art. As we modernized into groups of hunter-gatherers, we shared our interpretations of our world-views, as a way to teach our offspring what to expect from life. 

Divination has been with us from the earliest years, as to know whether or not we are pleasing the Gods, and what nature and spirit are showing us as our path to follow.

Numerology has always played a part in divination.  How many trees are on your property? How many children do you have? Male, Female? How many away from the road should your house be… and so on.

It would stand to reason that as we progressed into using tools such as cards; not only for games but for predicting the future – that they would also be numbered, as to give even more of an insight as to what to expect, or why things are the way they are.

The progression in the sequence of numbers according to Numerology, just underline the meanings behind each Tarot Card.

  • The number 1 is a new beginning on your life path
  • The number 2 is discovering you have help along the way
  • The number 3 is developing relationships and solidifying your goals
  • The number 4 is the foundation of all the work you have done
  • The number 5 are the obstacles you must face
  • The number 6 is the help you get to get back on track
  • The number 7 is the evaluation of possibilities and futuristic thinking
  • The number 8 the infinity symbol, represents balancing prosperity, work, and continuation of cycles

6 – The Lovers

The Number 6 welcomes a long-overdue relief from the obstacles of Number 5, in the progression of one’s life path. It is the return of stability when help comes in the way of friends and allies. It is about returning to Balance and Harmony, by nurturing what you have and allowing grace where required. This is also in Numerology, the Number of ‘uncertain stability’ and options that need to be weighed carefully; between what is right and what appears as the easy way out. 

The Lovers Tarot Card is all about your close relationships on your life path. This may be a crossroads in a love relationship. When this card appears, it is time to weigh out your love life, also your values and life choices; and see where you need to move your attention and awareness. Be open to negotiating, the choices are yours, but then follow through with the commitments you make. Trust intuition then sees it through with conviction. 

7 – The Chariot

The Number 7 is all about the endless possibilities in front of you. You are more creative with ideas and in your daydreams.  This is a time to be creative, evaluating the future as being within your grasp. Your destiny is within sight. You are victorious in your fight for what you have worked so hard to achieve. 

The Number 7 in Numerology speaks of conquest both intellectually and materially. The Chariot Tarot Card signifies determination, success and drive leading you to victory in the very near future. 

The lesson that must be learned is that this is not the time to just “ride it out”. Your forward drive towards your goal is more important now than ever. Your steadfast determination and creative mind are now unstoppable, as long as you continue with your goal in mind.

8 – Strength

The Number 8 represents the infinity symbol. Your need to continue working hard to keep the repeating cycle of balance, if your energy is properly channeled towards your goals. Strength is about courage and determination to handle anything life throws your way. The Number 8 is telling you that “you got this!” It is also about material and intellectual wealth from your hard work thus far. 

The Strength card is about showing that the forces of nature may be wild but are tamable by the feminine side of our inner-self. That these subtle energies can overpower those things before us that need to be brought back into harmony. 

This card tells you that you have the power of persuasion to quiet the storm in those that will not cooperate. Bringing harmony and balance from chaos and disruption.

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