Numerology of the Major Arcana Tarot Cards – The Hermit, The Wheel of Fortune and Justice

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The Major Arcana has 22 unique Archetypal picture cards that landmark crucial turning points in the life path of an individual. Tarot Cards symbolize all of the aspects of an entire lifetime. 

Numerology is the interpretation of numbers, no matter where they may appear.  The Major Arcana is numbered from 0-21, giving more insight to the meaning of an individual card other than its pictorial representation.    

Our focus here will be on the Numerology of Tarot Cards 9-The The Hermit, 10-The Wheel of Fortune, and 11-Justice of the Major Arcana. 

Tarot Cards and Numerology have synchronicity together, once you decide how to add, subtract, combine, reduce or leave alone – their values and symbolism. 

Considerations and Arguments of Numerology in Tarot Cards

Numbers have been manipulated and interpreted since man learned to count. 

Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, and mathematician from the 6th century BCE, was the earliest recorded to say that even numbers are female, and odd numbers are male.

Ever since, additional meanings were added to numbers based almost solely on ethnicity, culture, religion and philosophical beliefs.  There is no one interpretation that is all right or all wrong.

With that said, most Numerologists agree on the meaning of the numbers 0-9. After that, it is an ongoing debate as to what house rules you use to determine the simplest reduction, or lack thereof, of the initial 2 digit number. 

Most, but not all agree on the reduction of a two-digit number by adding the two together, which reduces it to a single digit between 0-9. Then there are those that say the individual digits hold the aspects of what that number is.  

For instance, the number 10 can be considered 1+0=1, whereas others say, “Yes, it is 1, but you have to consider the original digit 1, and the digit 0. So, 1 (twice) means it is a stronger influence than the number 0.  So one would be calling it 1, 1, and 0.  

To confuse things even further, or not confuse as much as confound.  There is the case of the number 11. Numerical Purists say that this is a prime number and can not be reduced. It is sacred as it stands. Then, on the other hand, are those that say, “poppycock… reduce it by adding the two digits together.” 1+1=2, and of course those that say… 1 (twice) and 2 all read separately.

In this study, we will add the two digits together to reduce it to a single digit. In this we see a cycle beginning with 0 and ending with 9.  This is the way of Numerology to begin and end a cycle that repeats itself.

9 – The Hermit 

The Number 9 is the last digit in the 1’s column thus is the end of a cycle of count within it. The journey has reached a crossroad or an apex. Or is it the end? As we know, there really is no such thing as an end in Tarot or Numerology for that matter; it marks the time of a new beginning on the horizon.  The number 9 means that work is done, and something new is about to reveal itself.

The Hermit thrives on being alone. He only functions and grows when in solitude away from the noise and distraction of the world. The Hermit Tarot Card tells you that your answer comes from within. That all you need is silence and meditation.

10 – Wheel of Fortune

The Number 10 is the very moment of realization that a cycle has just completed and a new one is just now beginning. This symbolizes death and rebirth. 

The wheel of fortune, as with the wheel of the year, is constantly turning. So inevitably, your position on this wheel has changed as well. Sometimes you are at the top with great fortune, and sometimes you will be at the bottom. The lesson to learn is that the wheel constantly spins, nothing is permanent, good or bad.

11 – Justice 

The number 11 is a master number and is associated with spiritual illumination, heightened intuition, and connection to our higher self. In Numerology, you can reduce 11 to two 1’s which would signify a major new start. If added and reduced to 2 with a double aspect of 1’s then it is a significant new beginning with partnerships, collaborations, and relationships.

The Justice Tarot Card reminds us that the law of karma is a real thing, that there are consequences for every action, good or bad.  It is the law of attraction in action. Whatever life has handed you at this moment is due to the choices you have made in the past. 

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