Tarot Reading: The Two of Cups

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Tarot reading is an intricate system in which each Tarot card has a soul and meaning. Today we’ll be analyzing a minor arcane from the suit of cups. The Two of Cups Tarot card teaches us a lesson of commitment, love, and equality between two people that accept each other as different yet complementary individuals.

The Two of Cups Tarot Card Upright Meaning:

The Two of Cups Tarot Card is, in a manner of speaking, the realization of the Lover’s Tarot Card. When it appears in a Tarot reading, it’s time to bust out your best dress; wedding bells may be ringing shortly. Understanding, communication, and commitment will be essential in defining the next stage of your relationship.

For singles, it marks the time to check your surroundings, because your next heart throb hides amongst your coworkers, friends, or neighbors.  Fruitful associations, support on investments, solidarity and good intentions abound around you. It’s important to consider that the number “Two” hints at equilibrium and complementarity, so it’s time to search for balance in your life. 

The Two of Cups Upright Card Keywords:

Harmony, Balance, Complementary Opposites, Friendships, Associations, Richness, Weddings, Celebrations, Realizing Goals, Success, Reconciliation, Appreciation.

The Two of Cups Tarot Card Reversed Meaning:

When the Two of Cups tarot card appears inverted in a Tarot reading, you can expect contradictions, arguments and tensions. Seeing as how it’s evidently a card related to couples, it’s indispensable to work on communication and rethinking some common goals. Try to think things over before acting rashly, and don’t rehash conflicts that were solved long ago.

Holding grudges only does you harm. If you’ve forgiven someone, let it go. This advice applies to all relationships that you may have, be it with a friend, a family member, or an ex-lover. You lack self-control, empathy, and the ability to negotiate. Don’t impose your will on third parties. Communication is the best way to make others see things your way.

Similarly, be careful not to let someone else manipulate you. You could be in a toxic relationship that is completely off balance. 

The Two of Cups Reversed Card Keywords:

Discussions, Opposite Opinions, Breakups, Antagonism, Narcissism, Disconnection, Rivals, Infidelity, Differences, Lack Of Passion.

Tarot Reading: The Two of Cups Symbolism

The image depicted in the Two of Cups Tarot Card is completely romantic. A young couple raises their cups to make a toast. The scene is crowned by a caduceus, the symbol of Hermes, the messenger of the gods.

Whenever we find a caduceus in a card, its presence indicates that communication is a vital element to consider in the Tarot reading. In this case, that communication is between two lovers, and it is fluid, clear, and honest. The union between them is full of happiness.

What Does The Two of Cups Tarot Card Mean In Love?

If it shows up reversed in a love spread, the Two of Cups Tarot Card can hint at dissatisfaction, poor sexual chemistry, or tiresome arguments. On the other hand, when upright, the Two of Cups Tarot Card announces harmony in the relationship and the possibilities to deepen your love bond. Union, celebrations, commitment, and happiness are the keywords most commonly associated with this card during a Tarot reading. 

Is The Two of Cups A Yes Or No Card?

When the Two of Cups Tarot card appears as an answer to a yes or no question, it is vital that we understand the nature of the question being asked. Are we asking about a new project? A romantic relationship? A person’s intentions? If that’s clear, this card indicates that you will find the support to achieve whatever you set your mind to… which makes the answer a resounding: YES!

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