The Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

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Tarot reading is an intricate system in which each Tarot card has a soul and purpose. Today we’ll be analyzing a minor arcane from the suit of cups. The Five of Cups Tarot card, the card of the pessimist that cannot see beyond the hardships he faces at the opportunities that lay ahead. 

The Five of Cups Tarot Card Upright Meaning:

Encountering a Five of Cups Tarot Card in a reading means that the querant will soon face some tough times. They may feel as if their entire world was crumbling because of a loss, a breakup, or some other small, inconsequential (in the grand scheme of things) triviality will lead us to face our greatest fears. That loss that we feel then isn’t total and absolute. It’s just a setback.

As you can see in the image, the man in the Five of Cups Tarot Cards is immersed in the grief and self-pity over the glasses spilled that he cannot see the ones still standing. The querant may be living a difficult moment in their life. That moment of grief, however, leads to a powerful lesson: Focus on the bigger picture.

The Five of Cups Upright Card Keywords:

Evasion, Toxic Relationship, Indifference, Loss, Grief, Disillusion, Divorce, Sadness, Guilt Complex, Crying-Over-Spilled-Milk, Sadness, Heartbreak, Emotional Problems, Distancing, Failing To Communicate Your Sorrows, Grief.

The Five of Cups Tarot Card Reversed Meaning:

The Five of Cups Tarot card reversed can go two ways, depending on the cards that surround it. According to some experts, when this card appears reversed on a spread, it means that all is lost. All cups are spilled. You can’t have anything standing right side up when the world is upside down, can you?

On the other hand, the reversed position of this card may hold a more inspiring message, even a positive one. Your spiritual and personal growth doesn’t stop because of the obstacles you have to face. All these obstacles mean to you are opportunities to find new tools to try to overcome these challenges. Whatever stands before you, nothing can stop you.

The Five of Cups Reversed Card Keywords:

End of a Cycle, Moving On, Learning, Positive Attitude, Fresh Start, New Beginnings, Great Change, Tremendous Loss.

Tarot Reading: The Five of Cups Symbolism

Donning a black cloak, a man is grieving a personal tragedy. Three of his five cups have turned over, and their contents are spilling, staining the ground at his feet. Behind him, two other cups are still upright, but he doesn’t seem to notice them, seeing only the tragedy before him.

The association we almost immediately put behind this card when it comes up in a spread is bereavement. Other than the cups, there are few characters in the Rider Tarot cards that we see dressed in black mourning gowns. Sadness, grief, and pain are easily perceived from the protagonist’s sad stance. Focused solely on the melancholy, also represented by the river, the loss feels absolute for our protagonist, and perhaps for the querant, as well.

What Does The Five of Cups Tarot Card Mean In a Love Tarot Reading?

The best advice we can give a querant whose spread shows a Five of Cups Tarot Card is: communicate openly and freely with your partner. The relationship you have still has many positive aspects, if you give yourselves a chance to recognize that, underneath the problems, you still love each other very much.

Is The Five of Cups A Yes Or No Card?

When the Five of Cups Tarot Card appears as a response to a yes or no question, the answer is: No. How you are facing these life challenges isn’t the right one. Your pessimism and the trouble you have in seeing the silver lining are slowing your progress.

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