The Three of Cups Tarot Card

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Tarot reading is an intricate system in which each Tarot card has a soul and meaning. Today we’ll be analyzing a minor arcane from the suit of cups. The Three of Cups Tarot card is a celebration of abundance, friendship, and companionship so that we may rejoice in how much we’ve accomplished so far.

The Three of Cups Tarot Card Upright Meaning:

The evolution of the previous card demonstrates a different way to celebrate… With friends! The Three of Cups Tarot Card exhibits happiness, honest friendship, sincerity, and acceptance among equals. Dancing and toasting, three women make a toast in the middle of a sown field full of fruit, ripe for the picking. What are they toasting to? Their relationship.

That vision of the complexity, the compromises, and the achievements shared stages what teamwork is like in a community where communication and respect abound. After all, what is life without friends? It’s important to consider that this card is dominated by feminine energy, and can therefore also be associated with fertility, weddings, and sexuality.

You can expect to celebrate great achievements soon. Opportunities, Recognition, and Good Fortune will be constant in your career. Be happy and share that happiness. 

The Three of Cups Upright Card Keywords:

Happiness, Weddings, Prosperity, Good News, Pregnancy, Creativity, Friendships, Celebration, Success, Recognition, Awards, Achievements, Teamwork, Family Reunion.

The Three of Cups Tarot Card Reversed Meaning:

Well, let’s just say that the Three of Cups Tarot Card reversed reflects the uglier parts of sharing with large groups. There are exacerbated competitiveness, infidelity, betrayal, lack of empathy, rivalry… Sounds intense, huh? Be wary of people close to you pretending to be your friends; they’re just looking to take advantage of you. 

The Three of Cups Reversed Card Keywords:

Treason, Infidelity, Rivalry, Alcoholism, Fighting, Shortages, Failures, Lack Of Recognition, Loneliness. 

Tarot Reading: The Three of Cups Symbolism

In a vineyard, we observe three women, their arms interlocked in a celebratory dance after a fine harvest. They toast to the future of their work, to their own future, to their triumph. Crowned with laurels, they’re surrounded by fruits and flowers alike. 

This gorgeous scene of celebration for a plentiful harvest immediately brings prosperity and abundance to mind. Three young maidens interweave their arms to celebrate the field’s fertility and the teamwork required to bring this bountiful harvest to fruition. Their clothes are different colors since it’s not just about doing as the group wishes, but maintaining their individuality, as well.

What Does The Three of Cups Tarot Card Mean In Love?

It’s easy to understand the abundance of the field and the card’s energy as a symbol for pregnancies, fertility, and harmony.  Let’s not forget that the Three of Cups Tarot Card is marked with a divine number, ever connected with spiritual realization. Thus, the amorous relationships started under this card’s omen will not only be fun, but they’ll be full of comprehension, romance, and tenderness. 

Is The Three of Cups A Yes Or No Card? Up to this point, we’ve seen the Three of Cups Tarot Card predicts a fantastic outcome in regards to relationships of any kind. However, when it shows up in a Tarot reading after the querant has asked a Yes or No question, it goes without saying that the answer can only be one… It is a Yes that echoes from field to field!

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