Astro Alert with Rick Levine: Special Halloween Edition!

You are currently viewing Astro Alert with Rick Levine: Special Halloween Edition!

Halloween has a rich history rooted in ancient holidays — and the planets are aligned for a weird and magical night! Rick Levine explains how the planets will be affecting us this Halloween.

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  1. Iris Lavy

    Finally we get to see the real you!!! always knew you were hiding something!! 🙂
    Good to see you and thank you for the alert, Rick, happy Halloween!!

  2. Soulsong

    haha! I bet you are a Gemini Wizard!

  3. MagicalRavens1

    BOO! 😀 Thanks Rick! I love Wizards, Magicians & Magick!  Happy Halloween!  Blessed Be )O( ♥

  4. MagicalRavens1

    “haha! I bet you are a Gemini Wizard! ” – I AM!  I AM THAT I AM! 😀 ♥


    *Get Ready for Halloween with Astrologer Rick Levine!*
    Halloween is creeping closer! With the Sun in deep, dark Scorpio and the Moon flying through weird Aquarius this year, Halloween night is sure to be intriguing… Watch Astrologer Rick Levine explain the Astrology happening on Halloween 2014, and get the rest of your chills ‘n thrills here: #astrology #halloween #scorpio @Rick Levine 

    1. Mique Capel

      love you Rick BOOH

  6. Iris E.

    My Sun sign is in Scorpio, my birthday is Hallowe’en, and my Moon sign is in Aquarius! I’m turning 30 this year. ^_^

  7. David Clarke

    I always knew you were a real sorcer Mr. Levine!!

  8. TheTimeForChange44

    Thank you, Oh great Wizard, Rick! Happy Halloween!

  9. Anita Clarke

    LOL You rock Wizard. Grateful your here on utube.

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