Chinese Horoscope: The Metal Rat year

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According to the Chinese horoscope, next year will be the Metal Rat year. What does that mean? And more importantly, how will that affect me? Today we will evaluate the influence and general characteristics of this energy regarding our favorite topic: LOVE. Single and ready to mingle? Keep reading!

Understanding the Metal Rat year

First of all, it is essential to remember that Chinese horoscope zodiac cycles are annual, and correspond to the lunar calendar. Therefore, signs change annually, and each one has a considerable influence not only on the individuals born during that year but in the way others will relate. How so? Well, the year acquires certain vibes, and characteristics of the sign and its element.

In this case, 2020 is the year of the Metal Rat, and with that influence, you can expect prosperity, ambition, and achieving your financial goals. If, and only if you put effort and take care of every detail.

For love relationships, the most fruitful time of the year will be between February and March since there will be a great rush of romantic energy in the environment. It is a year to start new projects, to invest, and to dream big.

2020: The Metal Rat Year Characteristics and Traits

According to the Chinese Horoscope, Rats loves comfort and luxury. Shallow? To the naked eye, perhaps, but it is only because they need security to calm their permanent state of anxiety.

Let’s think for a moment about the behavior of those little rodents. Rats spend their life hiding in the dark, fleeing from their many predators, and stealing some food to feed their large families. Give them a break; if a Rat wants to hoard diamonds, it is only because they need to know they will have the resources to go afloat in a moment of need.

That is why the Rat year brings significant financial momentum, but it will also bring a leadership vibe. You will have the will and courage to transform your life and attract to work with you in your projects. It is a year of teamwork in which many couples will feel the urge to take a step forward and commit.

However, the influence of the metal element sharpened this Rat’s tongue. Therefore their comments are somewhat difficult to cope with. What is needed to survive the conflicts caused by this energy? Assertive communication.

Keep in mind:

As you might have guessed, a Rat’s romantic energy is very contagious. And by that, I mean they can become prolific seducers at will. Casual romances, flings, and even infidelities are the order of the day when a Rat considers that the basis of the relationship isn’t well established.

Do you remember that we mention planning, details, and perseverance are key to achieve success in the Metal Rat year? Well, this rule also applies to love. Be cautious and take your time to test the waters before jumping in

Sex life during the Metal Rat Year for all signs:

Mystery, seduction, magic… The Rat’s energy always brings a charm full of illusions, nourished with the most vivid imagination. That inexhaustible mammal energy is recharged with the idea that “you only live once.” Be prepared to experiment, to overcome your old habits, and consider that your limits shouldn’t be so narrow to begin with… Ready to explore your limits? Have a great New Year!

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