How to do a Meaningful Daily Tarot Card Reading

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Some say that you should do a Tarot Reading once a month, while others say weekly and even a Daily Tarot reading is sometimes necessary. The truth is, there is no right or wrong way to have readings done, or the frequency that you have them.  

Tarot Reading is a personal journey, and one that should be thoughtful, insightful, and a positive affirmation of the path you are on… or about to be on.

Let’s look at your personal journey, as one that starts each day with a Daily Tarot Reading.The first thing to consider is whether you are going to do a single card, or a multiple card read. 

A Single Daily Tarot Card Read 

Would be used if you have a specific question in mind, or perhaps looking for guidance to a particular situation. The key to getting a useful answer is to be sure you have singled it down to only one question.  No two-part questions. If you seek the answer(s) to a single question you have a great chance of success. If you muddle your thoughts with more than one question, your success rate rapidly goes to zero.

A Multiple Daily Tarot Card Read could consist of:

  1. A Three Card Read: that would represent  -The Past, the Present, and the Future of a single situation. 
  2. A Three Card Read: that would represent the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit of a single concern.
  3. A nine Card Read: that would represent the Body, Mind and Spirit of the Past, Present and Future.

Think about this for a moment, because your needs can change from day to day, as to how many cards, or what kind of read you may need to do that particular day.

How to Prepare for your Daily Tarot Card Read

  1. Create a sacred space to do your work.  You will need to be able to spread your cards out comfortably so you can see and reach every card in a scattered pile.  Treat your cards with reverence! A designated sheet, blanket or tablecloth is great.
  2. Open your Tarot Card Deck and hold it for a moment with your eyes closed.  Do not think of anything other than transferring your energy to your cards; for the best and highest intention of yourself and anyone involved, known or unknown.
  3. Hold your deck in one hand and tap the top of the deck with the other hand three times.  This is to transfer your energy into the cards.
  4. Cut the deck into three piles. Shuffle each pile loosely.  Do not try to be a card-shark with fancy shuffling, you’ll only wear out the cards or damage them.  Do this with cards face down. Do not look at the cards. “Stacking the Deck” is nothing more than lying to yourself. When shuffled return all cards to a single pile in the middle of your sacred space.
  5. Begin to spread the cards out as much as you can, exposing a little bit of every card so that none are buried and out of sight. As you do this, start to formulate your question to spirit. Take your time doing this, because as you touch each card while arranging them with your question in mind… the cards will align themselves as needed.

How To Do Your Daily Tarot Card Reading

  1. When you are ready to begin drawing your card or cards, say your question or request out loud. This is speaking over your own head as to needing help with this question or situation.  By doing this, you are telling your mind to be open for guidance.
  2. Draw your card, or cards, keeping them face-down and place them in order off to the side of your pile on your sacred space (tablecloth) exactly in the orientation as they are when you picked them up. (cards change their meanings from right-side-up to up-side-down.

The order would be according to the Read you chose:  Single card

a. Single card

b. (3 card) – Past/Present/Future

c. (3 card) – Body/Mind/Spirit

d. (9 card) – Past: body/mind/spirit – Present: body/mind/spirit – Future: body/mind/spirit     Present: body/mind/spirit –     Future: body/mind/spirit

3. Return all the other cards to a single pile as you empty your mind once again.

4. Get paper and pen to journal your question answer and date done.  This will also double as your worksheet, as you will need to look up your card’s meanings to decipher your answer(s).

5. Reveal your cards one at a time and write them down in order.  Be sure to label them as to their place in your spread.

6. Refer to your manual that came with your Tarot Cards for the meanings.

What does it mean if a card is upside-down when I draw it?

This is called Reversed, or Inverted, and signifies that the answer is a weak influence on the question, but an influence all the same.  This also indicates that a facet of life, or personality, or profession needs development or improvement.

Right-side-up cards reflect a fully developed aspect of that situation or question.

Clearing the Deck

If your cards are new or even if they were gifted to you it is a good idea to clear the deck.

You can do this by burning sage or sweet grass and passing the deck through the smoke.

Or if that doesn’t suit you, you can also say a short prayer over them, thanking them for the work that has been done, and releasing any negativity that may have attached itself to the cards during work.  This is truer when doing readings for others. It breaks their negative energy away from you as well.

Above anything else… 

Know that the magic is you, not the cards.  Have fun… and watch how fast you become proficient at doing readings.  Also, pay attention to your journal. You may find patterns in the cards drawn from day to day that will also answer Long-term questions, situations and life-changes. 

Every Reading is a positive one.  

If something does not appear to be positive, perhaps it is teaching a lesson about “Doing Nothing” as a choice. 

This is when Life-Lessons are learned.


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