Learning Tarot Online: Strength

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Tarot reading is an intricate system in which each tarot card has a soul and meaning. Today we’ll be analyzing the major arcane number VIII. The Strength Tarot card teaches us a lesson of love and self-control that will help us grow spiritually.

Strength Tarot Card Upright Meaning:

In an online Tarot reading, The Strength tarot Card appears when you enjoy the results of working with perseverance, cunning, and courage against any obstacle. Where will you find all that strength? Inside you. Determination and courage are the keys to transform any problem into a sure victory. You are in control of yourself, of your instincts, of your shadow.

It is no longer necessary to hide your dark side. On the contrary, you have managed to understand it, and you can accept yourself. You have managed to transform your complexes and insecurities into an impulse to continue growing. You have managed to heal past wounds and strengthen your self-esteem. Knowing yourself is the key to transforming the world.

Perseverance, love, and discipline will lead you to conquer and understand the forces within you, sometimes working in your favor and others sabotaging you. The reason over brute force and patience over violence, are the two sides of the coin that we see so beautifully portrayed in this image.

Strength Upright Card Keywords:

Reasoning, Self-Knowledge, Intelligence, Patience, Self-Esteem, Leadership, Courage, Cunning.

Strength Tarot Card Reversed Meaning:

Now, when the Strength Tarot card appears reversed in an online tarot spread, it means that we are getting carried away by our most basic impulses. We are losing control quickly, letting ourselves be driven away by bile, by rage.

From episodes of violence to self-centeredness, those are the worst aspects not only of the Strength Tarot card but of Leo, the zodiac sign compatible with the major trump VIII. On the opposite side, it can also imply a disconnection, cowardice, and loss of strength in the face of life’s difficulties.

Somehow, the Strength Tarot card reversed brings us to the discussion of what to do in the face of danger: fight or flight. That lack of middle ground, limits, and balance is the central message of this card when it appears reversed. It is not about annihilating your enemy or fleeing; it is about confronting them with intelligence.

Strength Reversed Card Keywords:

Arrogance, Anger, Egocentrism, Cowardice, Selfishness, Tyranny, Cruelty, Impulsivity, Losing Control, Instincts, Impatience.

Strength Tarot Card Symbolism:

A damsel dressed in white wears a wreath of flowers blessed by an infinity symbol on the top of her head. Without much effort, she’s opening the jaws of a lion. Yet, the feline, instead of attacking her, licks her hands playfully. Her innocence and delicacy have been enough to tame the relentless jaws of the king of the jungle.

In this card, Pamela Collman Smith seeks to portray the balance between intellect and instincts. Protected by cosmic vibes, the girl can dominate the strongest animal without even sweating. You need to understand that both aspects coexist within you. The only way to walk through our spiritual path is to recognize that we are all God’s creatures.

What Does Strength Tarot Card Mean In an online Tarot reading about Love?

The Strength Tarot card is very promising when it appears in an online Tarot reading regarding love. Very passionate relationships, attraction, and powerful sexual chemistry. Honesty, balance, and commitment, everything is interwoven in this beautiful connection of love.

Is Strength A Yes Or No Card?

The Strength card reveals that you’ll face problems with self-confidence and determination. It suggests that you are brave but also have the ability to exercise self-control when it’s needed. So, when this card appears in a Yes or No question, the answer is: Probably yes!

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