Leo in Relationships & in Bed

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Let astrologer Maria DeSimone show you what it’s like when you’re in a relationship with or dating a Leo man or woman. Learn about their personality traits, likes and dislikes, and what they bring to the bedroom!

Want personalized insight into how compatible you are with Leo?

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  1. Sarah sulwey

    I cannot believe nobody commented on this great Leo insight.

  2. Hübschen GTS

    Leo girls are great.
    But the guys have all been mostly stuck in their shadow side. Arrogant, prideful yet dishonorable, and completely ruled by their overinflated ego made of fine china. Hopefully they can stop misinterpreting things like, “You need to focus on loving yourself before worrying about other people” and thinking that means their wants and needs come before those of their partners every time. It just gives them an excuse for choosing to remain entirely self centered and not put any thought into things like selflessness or putting their wants second to another’s like everyone constantly has to do for them, and we can’t mention these things to the Leo, oh no…….. They only want to hear that everything they do is perfect, and if you have concerns or unmet needs at any point, and don’t stroke that ego…….. Their bruised ego will not allow their stubborn pride to admit that they dropped the ball, or acted like a selfish jerk, and you’ll be told something along the line of, “You’re impossible to please, nothing I do is ever good enough!”
    We want Mufasa, boys………
    Not The Cowardly Lion from Oz.

    1. Ozymandias

      @Hübschen GTS Woah, nelly! That was a lot for me to take in. Didn’t expect a reply like this. Man but if I was you I would absolutely be heated too. Nobody deserves to have that type of treatment done onto them. Nobody. I kinda knew that something was up when you went on that first rant of yours about Leo men without spewing not a lick of disrespect towards the women. Makes sense now that everything is in perspective. I apologize on behalf of that Leo for his actions. I know a Leo who is exactly like the one you described but he’s still got a lot of growing up to do so we’ll see where he’s at in another few years time. Some people are blessed to have a lion in their life, some are cursed with cubs. I’m sorry you were given or granted a cub. Hopefully, if you’re given a second shot at another Leo, the next one will exceed all of your expectations. What sign are you? You write like a Gemini but I can’t know for sure unless you tell me so first

    2. Hübschen GTS

      Very much appreciated. It’s not like I formed this view of Leo guys off this one difficult case. It took knowing 4 male Leo’s in a row and the 5th after I started getting interested in Astrology (and psychology a bit before that) before I really began seeing similar situational patterns that all 5 have repeated in their various romantic relationships. The 5th guy was the only one I’ve been in a relationship with. And the 4 before are friends I made in college. I honestly wish this one who I was speaking about in my stroke inducing rant would change this view I have on these alley cats. Because I have 6 Lioness cousins and more than a dozen girlfriends who are amazingly gorgeous both inside and out, who are all the positive things one reads about Leo’s.
      I have a bunch of air placements in my chart. But in Western, just Libra and Aquarius. In Vedic astrology I’m an Aquarius. But Western is where I was born so I am a Pisces with Cancer Moon and Scorpio Rising. With absolutely no Earth in that chart except my opposite sign being Virgo as I think it is for all Pisces. But I may be mistaken.
      The only fire is Sagittarius Neptune and Uranus in my 1st house.

    3. mallowhawk294

      @Hübschen GTS Wow I love how much you have experienced with Leos both male and female! I’m a pisces/aries woman and all my female friends are Leo’s for the most part and my two close guy friends are Leo’s.One of the male Leo’s is married and has a kid and the other one is in his late 20’s and single. The single one only talks about hooking up with women but never talks about pursuing a relationship with any of them. If I have any good looking friends he always makes some sort of flirty joke about her (whether she’s single or not).He also is insensitive to women who are not physically attractive in his opinion in particular women who are chubby. He also likes to beat around the bush, what I mean is if he has an idea and there’s something he wants to do he’s more likely to ask you a series of questions about what you have planned that day before saying I want to do this. Finally you’re like just spit it out what are you asking??!! and then he’ll slowly come full circle and finally say “well I was thinking maybe we would do x,y,, or z”. To me it’s like just say it already! And someone will give you a yes or no. He can be odd like that sometimes. He def is a leader type and wants followers. He loves compliments, and fancy things/ fancy restaurants. He loves to cook and loves food and his own reflection… He seems to not have that many close friends other than his old high school friends back home. He has mentioned he doesn’t have that many close guy friends because guys are annoying (is what he says) and he has no problem hanging out with a bunch of women friends and always does. Sometimes I wonder if our friendship is worth continuing because he does seem to be the center of attention for a lot of women so if I let him hang out with me and my female friends (which I have A LOT of female friends and a lot of female acquaintances) I feel like 1 0f 2 things will happen. 1). He will pursue one of them for a bit (i.e. text them, ask them to hang out eventually, kiss them and then stop texting them for like a month and then text them casually like their friends a month later (and also the girl knows me in someway so she will act like their friends and it’s cool). or 2). One of the ladies will hit on him and it won’t work out.
      These things can lead to drama so sometimes I feel I can only be his friend at a distance and also I feel as though one day this is really going to blow up in drama and it’ll be weird for me because the ladies will be looking at me for answers even though I say from the beginning I’m staying out of this! I realized all of this after myself and this Leo guy have become close friends but there are days when I really have no idea what he’s thinking and it bugs me and makes me feel like oh maybe I shouldn’t of agreed to let him come on this trip with me to meet up with all my girlfriends in this city ext..
      Just a week ago one of the girls texted me and told me she hasn’t really heard from him that much and now he’s asking to meet up with her…she’s asking me what it is that he wants and I’m like I can honestly say I have NO IDEA. Also I think he thinks I don’t know he hit her up so this whole thing sometimes causes weird vibes on my end. And the girls low key annoyed b/c she’s like he acts like we’re just friends and then all of a sudden he acts like he’s not her. For me I just want to shake him and be like either GO FOR IT OR DON’T! But above all else I stay out of it!! So I don’t say anything but then it makes me not want to hang out with him as friends ugh! But our lives are intertwined so it’s like a weird friendship b/c I don’t like not knowing where my friends heads are at, as true friends you should know. But I understand he’s a guy and I’m a woman so sometimes men and women don’t always understand each other so I try to understand that we won’t always understand, there are so many variables. P.s he also doesn’t believe in astrology even though he’s a TOTAL LEO and I tell him that all the time. For example when he starts talking about himself too much I’m like “you’re doing it again!!”
      Anyways wanted to share my leo guy struggles after you shared yours and this is just leo guy FRIEND STRUGGLES good grief!!

    4. mallowhawk294

      @Hübschen GTS Thank you for all your insight and for sharing your experience!!! I really appreciate your openness! Lying by omission is super annoying and not being straightforward is a pain in the butt! The cheating thing is TERRIBLE! And stringing people along! And not taking accountability/ always thinking that their right it goes on and on. What a headache Ugh!!!
      If you have any other leo guy insights let me know whenever they come to you and you feel like sharing!

  3. vanessa dickson

    Everything about Leo is very true because my boyfriend is a Leo and I’m a cancer

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