Predictions for YOUR Zodiac Sign – July & August

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You are currently viewing Predictions for YOUR Zodiac Sign – July & August

Hello beautiful souls! This video is a collection of readings for your zodiac sign for the rest of July through the first half of August.
This can be used for your sun 🌞 moon 🌙 rising 🌌 and Venus ⭐️ signs. If you’re new to astrology, I explain how you can use these different signs readings at the beginning of the video.
You can also use this as a pick a card reading if you want additional messages for the next month.

❕This “prediction” video is an estimation/energetic forecast of the month ahead and is NOT mean to dictate your life or make decisions. We are the orchestrators of our own reality. If there is something that doesn’t resonate, it may not be time for you to receive that message. Never forget we have the ability to fully direct our own life and circumstances 🤍

As always I pray these messages bring you all love, support and clarity!

Dates and other things to look out for:
•Neowise comet ☄️ (recently discovered) visible for another couple weeks-won’t be back for another 6,800 years
•July 20 – 2nd new moon in Cancer ♋️ (major energy reset)
•July 22 – official start of Leo ♌️ season
•August 5 – Venus Conjunct North Node exact at 28 degrees Gemini (great time to manifest healthy relationships)
•August 19 – New Moon in Leo

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