Sagittarius: The Adventurous Party Animal, with Rick Levine

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What is a Sagittarius? Learn more about the astrology of Sagittarius: Sagittarius personality traits, characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and more.

Ruled by giant Jupiter, planet of growth and opportunity, fiery Sagittarius is full of energy and a desire to explore. Positive and optimistic, Sagittarius loves becoming enlightened to new ideas through people, travel and philosophy. Others gravitate to Sagittarius for their happy-go-lucky attitude and outgoing personality, and the only way to bring Sag down is to limit their freedom in any way.

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  1. Meera Cat

    im a sagi

  2. spiralcosmosart

    If you are a Jupiter Sagittarius does that mean you are more of a Sagittarius than a Sun Sagittarius?

    1. Kitti McConnell

      +spiralcosmosart No, it means that your Jupiter energy operates like normal, no twists. Jupiter energy is how you learn from experience. Your Sun is your soul energy, much larger thing than just one planet.

    2. spiralcosmosart

      Jupiter is considered the “ruling planet of Sagittarius”. . .  Jupiter is just over the cusp of Scorpio about 0.5 degrees Sagittarius in the 1st house in my natal chart.   Jupitarian Sagitttariuses who aren’t sun sign Sagittariuses are pretty hardcore Sagittariuses.

  3. MakeLifeFun100

    As always, you nailed it…I love, love, love being a Sag! I am an American who has lived overseas (and itching to go somewhere else), and I indeed love adventure. But really hard to find a man that can keep up with me. 😉 Wait +Rick Levine, aren’t you an Aries?!? 😉

    1. Zack Jones

      Tame it, honey

    2. MakeLifeFun100

      It was a joke…Rick knows this! 😉

  4. Zack Jones

    Im a sagittarius and I’m nothing like this.

    1. Ray Andrews-Paul

      Your soul is probably in a sag body

    2. Atlantean120

      Check your Vedic chart, you’re probably a Scorpio

  5. Suzie Wonder

    I’m a Sag, but I also know that my personality consists of other attributes from my moon sign, Scorpio, ascendant, Virgo & other planets in my chart. I have been STRUGGLING with LUPUS since 2005 & it is a progressive disease. The worst thing you can do to a Sagittarius is to keep them confined & constrained!!! I feel as though my wheels are spinning in mud! At least I find enjoyment in reading & research, creative endeavors to some degree & music, but my dancing days are over! I’m constantly battling with depression ~ me depressed? The optimist? I’m on disability so my money issues are constraining me too! Do you have any suggestions to help me? Anyone? I know that having friends is the best thing for my soul, but I’ve lost a gob of friends on this journey ~ no longer the party girl! Maybe I’ve done this to myself by over-doing it in life & now I’m on a Karma payback ride! My life is now spent in doors most of the time! Me indoors? Never! I used to have fun friends, travel, work several jobs, volunteer & spent most of my time in an adventure & laughing most of the time…..Help! Help! Help!

    1. Atlantean120

      Suzie Wonder you’re probably going through a rough cycle. If you ever want a reading, comment back as I’m sure I could help shed some light. Best to you 🙏🏼

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