Scorpio: The Badass of the Zodiac, with Rick Levine

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Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, lord of the underworld, and there’s nothing about this powerful Water sign that isn’t deep, passionate, and intense. Symbolized by the Scorpion — with a poisonous stinger for a tail — Scorpio cares deeply, but can also hurt deeply.

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  1. John Sterling

    oct-29 anyone?

    1. Brenda Kabanda

      26th October

    2. Geek Gamer

      @John Sterling me too 29

    3. Izaan Mehfooz

      ME OCT 29.

    4. Kelvin Gillett

      I’m the 28 .I’ve been partying since the 1st .go Scorpio

  2. Angela Benitez

    I’m a Scorpio but I dont try to get even. I just do the Scorpio amputate and cut you off like you never existed.

    1. Barney Potter

      I had one back fire on me though the other day lol why is it I didn’t care

    2. Brenda Kabanda

      I do both depending on how much I care.

    3. Mvp zilla

      I do both as well though i know for a fact the ultimate punishment a scorpio can give is to remove them selves from some1 elses life.

    4. gina todd

      I will cut off people as if didn’t exist

    5. A S

      Scorpio moon same here……I do it all the time

  3. Natalie Huggard

    Interesting. I am a Scorpio moon. Used to have nightmares about scorpions chasing me. One day the scorpion was killed. Then I had a dream about an eagle emerging from the earth. This commentary has helped me understand those dreams.

    1. Rick Levine

      +Natalie Huggard Very interesting, Natalie… I love how real the symbolism can be in our lives. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Karlee Valentino

    I think I evolved already, i am no longer vengeful or possessive. I have forgiven a lot and let a lot of things go.

    1. Brenda Kabanda

      Always done both but I sting people every now and again that deserve it for sure.

    2. Henry Hurtado

      @Steve Weiner cared enough to reply tho lol

    3. mystery lady

      Same. Except I’m at the eagle level. Got a ways to go.

  5. Ben Gaudreault

    That last tip, really means something to me.

    1. Zenith Astrology

      Ben Gaudreault I like the downward pull of life I don’t find it negative. I’m just showing if want go try the underworld with me — I’ll pull you down further.

    2. ELiZaBETH Hope

      It did to me too. I’ll never lighten up. It’s impossible…. and I like it that way.

  6. burningknuckle26

    Bout to turn 30 … Feel like I’m evolving into an eagle

    1. Nancy Inocian

      Me too

    2. Brenda Kabanda

      @burningknuckle26 stop it, 😂😭🤣

    3. burningknuckle26

      Grew a beak

    4. Richard Parker

      same here..

    5. Toyo_ Tiger


  7. Ginsu Gray

    Scorp: Nov 1 1977. Two Notes on your video: #1. Typo on the title screen has Scorpio House lasting only ten days (until Nov. 1st) #2. I was taught the the secondary (and tertiary) aspect of Scorp is not the Eagle and Dove, but the Phoenix (which has two aspects… young and old, failure to renewal, rebirth to rehab and back again, etc.

  8. Reyvan Bueno

    other source said the last stage of scorpio is phoenix…

  9. Ruby Star

    I LOVE MY INTENSITY!! ~ It’s What Gives Me, Wings, Balls, And, Fire!! ~ ~ Forget About Revenge, Let Karma Deal With It! ~ Real Revenge, With An Ex, Is That, They’ve Lost Out, On The Most, Mind – Blowing, Sex!! ~ ~ Plutonian Power, When Tempered, Is A Phenomenal Force, That Can Move Mountains!! ~ ~ Thanks Rick!

  10. That Guy

    Scorpion are great Friend to have

  11. o gen

    why dove? i thought its scorpio, eagle, and phoenix…

  12. Quit.

    I feel so f*cking proud to be a Scorpio!

    1. graceful dorito

      @lovewaders That’s not all of the scorpios, dumbass

    2. Manny Morales

      @lovewaders Didn’t u listen to the video? Those are the ones who never evolved or actually liked to stay in that dark side. We’re not all the same.

    3. Brenda Kabanda

      Me too. Always have.

    4. lovewaders

      @Manny Morales Not all the Scorpio personality people but majority or probably 95% of Scorpio personality behave like psychos. All non-Scorpio people know about this.

  13. Psyche1118

    Well, if you hadn’t have won me over before this title would have nailed me for sure!

  14. WizardsAmongUs

    Dove is the 3rd sign? I always learned it was the Phoenix…..?

    1. Barney Potter

      That’s because some pros say there’s 7 symbols animals and

    2. Barney Potter

      I’m reading the comments and laughing because it’s not often we get to show our ego but it’s safe amongst fellow scorps in this setting so everyone let’s it fly .I love it

    3. Brenda Kabanda

      Same here. I have never heard of the dove. It was always the Phoenix.

    4. sandi r

      @Darby lol

    5. J Phoenix

      Dove Phoenix