So, you bought Tarot…. Now what?

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You’ve been waiting patiently for your new Tarot cards and now they have arrived.  This could be your first deck and you are totally new to the art of Tarot. Or, you have had Tarot decks before, but it has been quite some time and you forget how to become well acquainted with a brand new deck. Here are some steps and tips you can use for handling your new deck.

Take Time to Energetically Connect with your Tarot Cards

Take time to energetically connect with your Tarot cards.  Simply just shuffling them with your hands provides this energetic connection. The hands are powerful energetic transmitters. 

Charge your Tarot Cards under the Full Moon or With Crystals

The Full Moon is a great time to charge your Tarot cards.  This is a prime time to harness the divine feminine powers of the Moon. The Moon’s energy during this time is intensified and heightened.    Placing crystals on or among your cards also helps them to charge.

Recite an Invocation for your Tarot Cards 

Reciting an Invocation for your Tarot Cards helps to connect them with divine and angelic forces.  You may research an existing Invocation that you feel drawn to and use it. Or, you may feel inspired to write your own Invocation and recite it. Either way, make sure you are in a clear space and your mind is focused on the Invocation and not easily distracted.

Get Creative with your Tarot Card Layout & Accompanying Elements

There are so many ways you can get creative with your Tarot Cards in terms of layout and accompanying elements.  You may want to lay your cards out according to different existing and notable spreads, such as the Celtic Cross. Alternatively, you can create your own spread.  Accompanying elements can be crystals of all shapes and sizes, different colored and scented candles, dried herbs, dried flowers and flower essences, or anything that adds a magical attribute to the Spread.

Choose a Tarot Bag to Store your Cards

Your cards harness energy. The type of bag they are stored in will also affect their energetic properties.  There are tons of different tarot bags available on the market. If you are feeling crafty, you can even make your own.  Some bags are plain, while others have printed designs. Sizes of the bags vary. If you are planning to store crystals, runes, dried flowers or any other elements with your Tarot cards, then choosing a larger bag will be a better option.  Choose what is suitable to your preferences. 

Choose a Tarot Cloth to place your Cards On

Just as there are a variety of Tarot bags available, there are also many Tarot Cloths you can choose from to set your cards and card layouts upon.  You may like to have multiple clothes on hand, so that you can change up the theme at times for your readings. 

Practice Tarot Readings with your Friends and Family

Practice, practice, practice.  It is important to practice with people you feel close to, before reading for strangers.  The more you use your cards, the more attuned they become to your energy. The more you recite your invocations, the more attuned the cards become to spiritual forces. 

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