Tarot Reading: Judgment

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Tarot reading is an intricate system in which each Tarot card has a soul and meaning. Today we’ll be analyzing the major arcane number XX. Judgment Tarot card is a reference to the biblical moment of the Rapture. All those who have lived an honorable life need fear not…  but those who have sown hatred or squandered their lives in pursuit of frivolity may not know eternal life.

Judgment Tarot Card Upright Meaning:

Finding the Judgment Tarot card upright in a tarot reading is a very positive sign of change, progress, and spiritual growth. This card announces a major shift in your current situation, an inspiration or awakening that will allow you to “get out” of that crisis: that creative block, depression, or toxic relationship that’s stopping you from experiencing happiness.

Finally, you are free to enjoy yourself and bask in the fruit of your effort. You’ve metaphorically broken the chains that kept you incapable of moving towards your dreams. Now that you have decided to go outside, feel the breeze and the sun shining directly on your skin, enjoy the miracle of creation, and the new perspective life gives you.

Yet, it’s also a moment for being accountable because the success and prosperity you are enjoying will be directly connected with the effort, discipline, and learning you have reached. You are now emerging from the depths of the unconscious, prepared to “live a new life,” but will you make the same mistakes? Not under Archangel Gabriel’s watchful eye.

Judgment Upright Card Keywords:

Second Chance, Reflection, Wisdom, Reborn, Learning, Awakening Of Consciousness, You Reap What You Sow, Healing, End Of Conflict, New Perspective, Inspiration, Creative Achievements, Accomplishments.

Judgment Tarot Card Reversed Meaning:

If the Judgment Tarot Card were to appear reversed in a reading, your lack of judgment will take a toll on you. Whether it is through accumulated debts turning into a Bankruptcy status. The end of a marriage, due to your infidelity, the final judgment works both ways.

Also, the Judgment Tarot card is highly related to spiritual organizations and beliefs. When reversed, it speaks of cults, fanaticism and religious scams due to following a false prophet. Finally, it can also be indicative of problematic dealings with your deeds, your truths, and their consequences.

Judgment Reversed Card Keywords:

Painful Findings, Suffocating Relationship, Fanaticism, Poor Judgment, Consequences, Trial.

Tarot Reading: Judgment Symbolism

Rising from the dead, two families stand up in jubilation when they hear the trumpet of the archangel San Gabriel. From heaven, God’s emissary opens his red wings, the color of will. Its light is so powerful that it dissipates all the gray clouds in the sky.

Recall that along the Tarot journey, in any Tarot reading in which we have stumbled upon marine-watery scenes; it alludes to the collective unconscious.  Buried in the sea, the reborn characters are therefore emerging towards an awakening of consciousness.

What Does Judgment Tarot Card Mean In Love?

Your romantic status will change for good. For singles, they begin to pique the interest of suitable candidates. For those in a relationship, they can expect a new beginning filled with harmony, love, and understanding.

Is Judgment A Yes Or No Card?

The spiritual energy of the Archangel Gabriel radiates any Tarot reading with a vibe of harmony and redemption. Therefore, when the Judgment Tarot card appears in a Yes or No Question, the answer is: Yes!

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