Taurus: No Bull, with Rick Levine

Taurus: No Bull, with Rick Levine

What is a Taurus? Learn more about the astrology of Taurus: Taurus personality traits, characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and more.

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  1. Thank you Rick

  2. My Bday is May 4! I’m such a Taurus lol

    1. Jesse Martinez We are b-day buddies omg!

  3. Thanks.

  4. Thank you Rick, I’m a Taurus Moon, I LOVE your shirts too they’re awesome x

  5. My sun sign is Pisces but I never really Fit in , I always thought they were wild and made made choices and then I found out my moon sign was Taurus and it makes Sooo much sense why I’m not like the other Pisces .

  6. Mr. Levine you’re awesome!

  7. I am on the cusp Taurus-Gemini , my AC is Aries and my moon sign is Capricorn . My birthday is May 21,1992 at 3:30 am in Deland Florida. and I did my birth chart. It’s so true:) what you say !

  8. The funny thing about Taurus like me is when others tell me what to do I am very slowly but when come to something the I really wanted it just get job done

  9. Thank you rick

  10. Finally! Someone clearing up the misunderstandings about Taurus! After all it’s ruled by Venus exalted in the moon and IN DETRIMENT IN MARS PEOPLE. Taurus is probably one of the softest most feminine personalities in the zodiac, not usually aggressive, usually more gentle. I think the misconceptions partly come from the fact that all of the tropical tauruses born before May 13th or so are sidereal/Vedic Aries. The true Taurus born between May 13th and May 20th and the sidereal tauruses extending into June are much closer to the true nature of Taurus and are as I described above. This is one of the reasons I believe sidereal astrology is more accurate as it reveals the true natures of the signs often.

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