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  1. Religious free Zone

    To me that card is a breeze of fresh air.Nothing in your mind or heart to worry about. Just give your self a break. Leave your worries behind for at least a little while. It’s a beautiful card. Like meditation.Relax give your self a stress free zone. I think it is a pity most readers add to that energy by giving it a twist down another road. Take a vacation long as you need it. That is my opinion.


      Thanks for sharing, Breath in to you heart! That’s a lovely interpretation of this card.

  2. dave Cook

    To the lady with the sexy tattoos can you please do me a reading for Taurus the bull as born 9th of the 5th 1970 1:30 in the morning thank you

  3. OfficialBlue


    1. Flex Glue Clear

      yes yes. write this down

  4. dave Cook

    I’ve just received an email says my future love life is shocking right I’m not bothered he says it’s been done a long time ago I’m not bothered about it do you know something will turn up eventually another situation I’m in at the moment I can’t really do anything anyway for the next two years so I’m not bothered if my love life shocking

  5. Flex Glue Clear

    Morph Sand

  6. Flex Glue Clear

    that moment when you see a dog that can control sand

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