The pros and cons of tarot

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Since the early centuries, Tarot has guided the hearts and minds of many of its seekers. It continues to be a magical source of inspiration today.  It is easy to see the pros of these mystical cards far outweigh the cons. 

What are some of the pros of Tarot?

Tarot travels well and Light

Anywhere you go, Tarot makes a great travel companion.  With your diverse collection of Tarot bags, it makes it easy to pack up your Tarot and go.  In fact, this is part of the fun of the easily portable cards.

Tarot is always there when you need it

Tarot knows no time restrictions, time frames or schedules.  These magical cards are there for you to consult at any time, date or season.  Tarot can feel like a trusted confidant, regardless of whether you already have one.

Tarot can give you a quick Yes or No Answer

If you are just looking for a quick yes or no answer to a question, you can ask the Tarot.   You can simply perform a one card reading if you are limited on time.  The Tarot is your reliable and trustworthy source that can give you quick peace of mind. 

Tarot can be easily integrated with Oracle and Angel Cards

Tarot can be easily integrated with Oracle and Angel cards.  The cards can all be mixed and blended for a reading. You can do hybrid readings with Tarot with incorporating some other types of decks and cards into your Readings.  Tarot uses Archetypes that can be universally recognized. Which leads us to another pro of Tarot…….

Tarot speaks a Universal Language

Tarot transcends time, cultures, origins, sexual orientations and language differences.  This is due to the Archetypal language that it speaks. These archetypes are timeless and can be applied to life in the 16th century as well as life in the 21st century. 

Tarot can give you Hope for the Future

If you are feeling down or depressed about a certain matter, Tarot can inspire and uplift you.  Sometimes receiving a positive message is enough to brighten your mood. Messages from Tarot can help you feel a sense of renewed hope where you may have felt hopeless. 

What are some of the Cons of Tarot?

Tarot can be highly stigmatized

There is always somebody who will stigmatize Tarot or label it negatively.  Some people think Tarot is evil or used for evil intent. There is always going to be ignorance and lack of knowledge in some parts of society regarding Tarot.

Tarot can be Interpreted or Read Wrong

If some cards are taken literally, such as the Death card or the Tower, it may make some feel depressed, pessimistic and/or gloomy.  The good news is this can be avoided by remembering not to take these cards so literally. The positive connotations surrounding these cards should also be taken into account. 

Tarot can sometimes Confuse You

The very thing that Tarot does its best can often be paradoxical in nature.  The Tarot presents us with different possible paths and choices. For example, you may feel you already know what direction you want to go in, but Tarot will present another option that you hadn’t thought about.  This could make you confused as to what you truly desire.

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