The Tarot Minor Arcana Correspondences

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The minor arcana cards of the Tarot are made up of four suits represented by wands, cups, swords, and pentacles.  Each suit exhibits a particular element as follows:

Wands– for the element of fire (they can also be called rods or staves)

Cups– for the element of water

Swords– for the element of air

Pentacles– for the element of earth (they can also be called coins).

The minor Arcana Tarot Suits represented as People

The minor Arcana suits can also represent specific characteristics of people.  The following describes these correspondences:

Wands- Generally very fair-haired and red-haired persons with fair complexions.

Cups– Generally – moderately fair persons.

Swords– Generally- dark persons.

Pentacles– generally- very dark persons.

The Aces in the Tarot Minor Arcana

The Ace card is the first card in each Tarot Minor Arcana Suit.  The Aces represent the force of the Spirit acting in and binding together, the four scales of each element and answering to the dominion of the letters of the name in the Kabbalah Kether of each. 

They represent the root force.  The four aces are said to be placed on the North Pole of the Universe, wherein they revolve, governing its revolution, and ruling as the connecting link between Yetzirah of the Kabbalah and the Material Plane of the Universe.

Here are some brief meanings and Astrological Correspondences for the thirty-six numbered cards of the Minor Arcana:


Ace- This ace symbolizes fire, the masculine energy at the beginning of the universe.

Two- Influence over another. Dominion.  Astrological- Mars in Aries.

Three- Pride and arrogance.  Power sometimes.  Astrological- Sun in Aries.

Four- Settlement, Arrangement completed.  Astrological- Venus in Aries.

Five- Quarrelling, fighting.  Astrological- Saturn in Leo.

Six- Gain and success.  Astrological—Jupiter in Leo.

Seven- Opposition; sometimes courage therewith.  Astrological- Mars in Leo.

Eight- A hasty communication, letter, or message.  Swiftness. Astrological- Mercury in Sagittarius.

Nine- Strength.  Power.  Health.  Energy.  Astrological- Moon in Sagittarius.

Ten- Cruelty and malice towards others.  Overbearing strength. Revenge.  Injustice.  Astrological-Saturn in Sagittarius.


Ace– This ace symbolizes water, the feminine energy at the beginning of the universe.

Two- Marriage, Love, pleasure, Warm friendship.  Astrological- Venus in Cancer.

Three- Plenty.  Hospitality, eating, drinking. Pleasure, dancing, new clothes, and merriment. Astrological—Mercury in Cancer.

Four- Receiving pleasures or kindness from others, yet some discomfort therewith. Astrological- Moon in Cancer.

Five-Disappointment in love.  Broken marriage.  Unkindness from friends, loss of friendship. Astrological- Mars in Scorpio.

Six- Wish, happiness, success, enjoyment.  Astrological- Sun in Scorpio.

Seven- Lying, deceit, promises unfulfilled, illusion, deception. Error, slight success, but not enough energy to retain it.  Astrological- Venus in Scorpio.

Eight- Success abandoned, a decline of interest in a thing. Astrological- Saturn in Pisces.

Nine- Complete success.  Pleasure and happiness.  Wish fulfilled. Astrological- Jupiter in Pisces.

Ten- Matters definitely arranged and settled in accordance with one’s wishes.  Compete for good fortune.  Astrological- Mars in Pisces.


Ace- This ace symbolizes masculine air.

Two- Quarrel made up and arranged.  Peace restored, yet some tension in relations.  Astrological- Moon in Libra.

Three- Unhappiness, sorrow, tears.  Astrological- Saturn in Libra.

Four- Convalescence, recovery from sickness, change for the better. Astrological- Jupiter in Libra.

Five- Defeat, loss, malice. Slander, evil speaking.  Astrological- Venus in Aquarius.

Six- Labor, work; journey, probably by water. Astrological- Mercury in Aquarius.

Seven- In Character- untrustworthy, vacillation. Journey probably by land. Astrological- Moon in Aquarius.

Eight- Narrow or restricted.  Petty. A prison. Astrological- Jupiter in Gemini.

Nine- Illness, Suffering, Malice, Cruelty, pain.  Astrological- Mars in Gemini.

Ten- Ruin, death, failure, disaster.  Astrological- Sun in Gemini.


Ace- This Ace represents feminine earth.

Two- Pleasant change.  Visit friends, etc. Astrological- Jupiter in Capricorn.

Three- Business, paid employment, commercial transactions. Astrological- Mars in Capricorn.

Four- Gain of money and influence.  A present. Astrological- Sun in Capricorn.

Five- Loss of profession. Loss of money.  Monetary anxiety. Astrological- Mercury in Taurus.

Six- Success in material things; prosperity in business.  Astrological- Moon in Taurus.

Seven- Unprofitable speculations, employments; also, honorary work undertaken for the love of it, and without desire of reward. Astrological- Saturn in Taurus.

Eight- Skill, prudence, also artfulness, and cunning (depend on the other cards around it).  Astrological- Sun in Virgo.

Nine- Inheritance.  Increase in money. Astrological- Venus in Virgo.

Ten- Riches and wealth.  Astrological- Mercury in Virgo.

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