Ultra-Detailed SOULMATE READING – All About Them & Your Relationship

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Thanks for stopping by! I’m KINO ♈️☀️♊️🌙♉️👆I hope you enjoy your reading ❤️
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What is covered in this reading? (All the details!) – 0:50
What is a Soulmate? + Disclaimer – 2:40
Choose your Pile – 4:40

💙#1 (Celestite) – 5:33
🤍#2 (Clear Quartz) – 1:06:46
💜#3 (Aura Amethyst) – 2:02:29
💗#4 (Rose Quartz) – 3:02:00
🖤#5 (Labradorite) – 3:59:26

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Decks Used (in order by section):
📍Do you already know them?
– Serpentfire Tarot by Devany Amber Wolfe ※

📍Zodiac signs / Astrological placements
– Celestial Bodies Oracle by Devany Amber Wolfe ※

– The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

📍Career/major, Hobbies & interests
– Tarot deck by @livetttheghost

📍Spiritual connection
– The Secret Language of Light Oracle by Denise Jarvie
– The Healing Mantra Deck by Matt Kahn
– Vessel Oracle by Mary Evans ※

📍3 words to describe your relationship
– Compendium of Constellations by Claire Goodchild

📍From your first meeting to commitment
– She Wolfe Tarot by Devany Amber Wolfe ※

📍How they see you, what they love about you, their wish for you
– Mystical Manga Tarot by Barbara Moore & Rain
– The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards by James van Praagh

📍What you’ll do/create/achieve together
– The Weaver Tarot (Journeyer Edition) by Brit June & Blaire Porter

📍Your compatibility (physical, mental & emotional)
– Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

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※ If you purchase from these links, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting my channel!

The readings on my channel are not meant to substitute professional advice. I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy for any reading. Please use your own judgement when making any decisions based on a tarot reading.

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