Virgo in Relationships & in Bed

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Let astrologer Maria DeSimone show you what it’s like when you’re in a relationship with or dating a Virgo man or woman. Learn about their personality traits, likes and dislikes, and what they bring to the bedroom!

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  1. Randall Johnston

    I’m a Virgo and Everytime I try to date/flirt I always seem to get the cold shoulder no matter what I do, why is this ?

    1. Shivam pandey

      Because your boy without powerful position girl’s like money and power, stability nothing to do with there sign

    2. Jeriyah Mackey


    3. Dynamic Delight

      Not just you, in my case too

    4. prashant dubey

      You foregners nothing knew about astrology astrology is originated from India only Indians knew about astrology and yoga

    5. Hiroko Mitsuu

      As someone who is a Taurus that currently likes a Virgo, you guys hide feelings alot, so when you flirt, we don’t assume that you like us in that way, we assume that you are that way with everyone, (because we haven’t seen you guys flirt enough to even know what flirting looks like when u guys do it 😂)

  2. Andy tholung

    As per the experiences Virgo woman are stubborn in bed

    1. CC thelema

      Yes they are if ya don’t know what to do with them or if ya faking they will.

    2. Lindsay Villano

      Not all

    3. Cecilia Wanjiru


    4. Angel Gray

      One word. Handcuffs! 😊 💋

    5. DarkSense

      Also if they don’t feel safe in the relationship then they’ll be stubborn

  3. Tomiko Eaton

    Virgo is sensual passionate

  4. Awesomeness#1 Awesomeness#1

    Complicated ~ not constant enough of communication when approached, ( unfortunately) they not always finical settled , they do need a stronger partnership to balance there insecurity ~ but can’t be questioned about it ! I’m a Gemini ♊️

    1. Awesomeness#1 Awesomeness#1

      Consistent *

    2. CC thelema

      Well I’m a Virgo me not like that it depend the way u approach them they don’t like s*x manipulate partners.

    3. Dewi

      babe, runaway. virghoes are the worst for us gems. mine is cheating with a scorpio haha

    4. Awesomeness#1 Awesomeness#1

      I don’t personally have anything against the star sign , I just observed some, that definitely Manipulate them self and don’t like to take responsibility, I don’t believe with wasting my time with manipulation! when the shoe doesn’t fit ! It simple doesn’t fit lol

    5. Hadiyah Ibrahim

      Dewi Can you elaborate more on your meaning? I’m a Gemini as well, and I’m interested in a Virgo

  5. Esty bartolome

    Oh…so me!!

  6. Lazminq

    I’m a virgo and have capricorn sun, and aquarius moon. Honestly I can kind of agree to this to some extent, but I’m no gentle sort of virgin lover in bed. I love taking the lead at times and like the element of roughness. And this may apply to others too. I agree to how we get mislabeled of our sexual drive since we are under the sign of virgin, but boy. Once you get comfy with a virgo and you communicate what you like and dislike in bed or anything else, you cannot turn back anymore bc we will go from cute and soft to hardcore frisky and rough real quick bc we are comfortable with you. You want a gentle love? Ok. Want a crazy one? Hella yea lessgo

    1. dp

      Lazminq what do you mean by having capricorn sun and aquarius you mean that you’re dating a cap sun and aqua moon? also what’s ur moon sign?

    2. Lazminq

      @dp the sun is your outward external persona. The one that you portray as your personality and your moon is your emotional state and internal persona. Hope this clears up a bit, do read a bit about sun moon rising ! My moon sign I’d aquarius

  7. Zachhing Nanui

    i am a leo and my crush is a virgo do you think it will somehow workout.

    1. Imari Folami

      Go for it! I’m falling for a Leo man. I’m a Virgo woman. I think he is everything!!!

    2. Halo N Horns

      we not compatible with Leos fun facts

    3. Amanda Parr

      I don’t like Leo’s, at all

    4. Halo N Horns

      @Amanda Parr I don’t either

    5. DarkSense

      Am a virgo woman that fell in love with a Leo man but didn’t work out because we were not really compatible

  8. Evvio

    how’d youtube know i was a virgo

  9. Halo N Horns

    damn right conversation a must… without it.. no spark is felt. we get bored easily and don’t like predictable things neither well I don’t #itzavirgothing xP

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