What the signs have been trying to tell you?

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I’m Back! This pick-a-card was requested by a patron and is all about exploring the different signs and synchronicities you’ve been experiencing & what they’ve been trying to tell you.

Sorry for the long hiatus, I’ve been traveling the last couple of weeks and just got back home! I’ve missed you all dearly and pray you have been blessed

The pick-a-card is a general reading so it will NOT resonate with everyone. Take the messages that resonate with your intuition and disregard everything else ☺️

I’m not taking personal readings. If anyone reaches out to you asking you for a reading, it is a SCAM 🚮🚫

📧 [email protected]

For all business inquiries 📧 [email protected]

Intro: @0:00
Disclaimers & meditation: @1:56
(Clairvoyant) Pile Selection: @4:25
(Clairaudient) Pile selection: @6:48
Pile 1: @8:34
Pile 2: @26:04
Pile 3: @49:21
Pile 4: @1:07:31

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