Who are you DESTINED to fall in LOVE with?

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Hello everyone! Today’s pick a card we’re looking into the divine partnership you’re destined to experience. Whether you believe in soul mates, twin flames, soul contracts, or intuitively feel a distant connection to another soul, this reading will explore the spiritual meaning, purpose, vibration, and more about this future union.

The piles are allotted longer than usual because I read for your energy as well as your partners and the energy of the connection. I pray you all enjoy and have a beautiful week!

The pick a card is a general reading so it will NOT resonate with everyone. Take the messages that resonate with your intuition and disregard everything else ☺️

I’m not taking personal readings. If anyone reaches out to you asking you for a reading, it is a SCAM 🚮🚫

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For all business inquiries 📧 [email protected]

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Disclaimers & Meditation: @3:07
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