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Thanks for stopping by! I’m KINO ♈️☀️♊️🌙♉️👆
I hope you enjoy your reading ❤️

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Decks Used (in order):
📍Saltwater Reading Cards by Laura Bowen
📍The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans
📍The Secret Language of Light by Denise Jarvie
📍Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor

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  1. Michelle

    That was so beautiful. The way you read this and the exactness of it blew me away. I felt like you had looked into my heart and my mind and was reading this for me. Wow. And the positivity of how you read, you brought me to tears.

  2. Kellee

    That was soo accurate, it was scary❣️

  3. Anna

    Yep it’s true… but I think he’s moved on.. he doesn’t speak to me anymore.. we were together for 6 years.. I was treated so wrong.. I stuck around only to be treated as a sexual object for him… then he disappears then reappear when he needs sex… my instincts told me he was seeing someone else… i kept my distance..he stop calling and messaging me… he don’t even visits… I just feel like I should move in now…

  4. Nelly Basani Mongwe

    Interesting reading and hoping to hear more about it my wish is finding my true path to the earth and thanking you 🙏

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