Your LOVE LIFE in 2021! – Tarot Reading

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You are currently viewing Your LOVE LIFE in 2021! – Tarot Reading

Decks Used (in order):
📍Alchemia Tarot by Ako Morimura & Takaki
📍Angel Answers Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Raleigh Valentine
📍Compendium of Constellations by Claire Goodchild/Black and the Moon

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  1. Robert

    Wow.. my fiance and I we used to chat on “line” video chat for 8-10 hrs a day everyday! For 8 months , then she moved here From London . Great almost 3 yrs , then BAM! she went back home with just a back pack. Crazy .I have not heard from her since Oct 22, (we had the best relationship) but she needed to get a divorce hence this was 20 yrs back .but it weighed alot on us . Any way Feb 10 I am going over to confront her( in a good way, we haven’t talked since Oct 21) and I have been weighting her every 2 weekish … Anyway with everything I have been trying to take in and having psychic readings and tarot cards and now numerology. So being a cancer as herself on the other spectrum she is July 1st where I’m the 21st. Me being stubborn I have to find out why not necessarily that go over there and show her that I still love her wish me luck.theres so much more but don’t want to ramble ..
    Thank you

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