Zodiac Signs with Rick Levine: Virgo

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What is a Virgo? Learn more about the astrology of Virgos: Virgo personality traits, characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and more.

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  1. Stirling Davenport

    As a Virgo, one thing I want to add is how kind many of us are. Nobody knows better than Virgo how easily one can be hurt by criticism. Noticing what’s wrong often starts at an early age by taking other people’s criticism too much to heart. So a lot of time, we hold back whether to express our intuition (which is often so keen) because we don’t want to hurt anybody – and it takes a lot of discrimination to know what to say and when. I think this is why Virgo can naturally make good counselors.

    1. Claire Claire

      Stirling Davenport : I have a sister that is a Virgo. Yes, she is kind but that kindness always has a price. Everything she did was transactional not unconditional.

      And as far as being hurt, spare me. Cancerians have that all locked up.

    2. A B

      spot on!

  2. Ann McNeal

    As a Virgo..we are also sweet, we are the virgin, we are mostly chaste, we make great partners, parents, and friends. We are so loyal. But our trust is not blind– like most of the other signs– It is earned, just like our respect.

    1. Wendy Gill

      That’s Right Boo😘!

    2. Nancy Goldberg

      Really I know a Virgo that wants to date me for my money of course I denied the date.

    3. Nancy Goldberg

      Sweet to get what you want.

    4. Nancy Goldberg

      Right your so honest 😂

  3. Peace&Tranquility

    Not the (sick) ones I know: Deceptive/Liars, Give to Receive & Emotionless.

  4. roofoochoo

    I love these so much! Thanks for the uploads

  5. PA MC

    Where are all these ‘healthy’ Virgos. The Virgos I know are chain smoking junk food junkies but yea they work ALOT and service everyone but those who love them.

  6. PA MC

    They are MISERLY and don’t know how to have FUN.

  7. Sunriser Lark

    My husband says I can go into a shop and walk right up to the most expensive item they have. For me I spot quality for him he always looks at the price tag before making a judgement (Taurus). I do LOVE pointing out to him when what I spot actually isn’t the most expensive 🙂 I think as a child I was taught to balance my critical eye with nit-picking. My Parents, especially my Father would often ask me to let him know if I saw (anything not right) here, both knew and appreciated I could spot a flaw in a situation, behavior or item, in a nano second. My Mother would ask, tell me what’s better about this or that. My Siblings would let me know when I was being too picky. I think seeking the best in anything, comparatively, has guided me to be less nit-picky and see more good, even the incredible beauty of imperfections. Thank you Rick. I appreciate your videos AND Tarot.com very much.

  8. andreainlostcreek

    “Being perfect is important.” ? What. (Says the Pisces sun, Sag AS/moon)

  9. Laura Powers

    We love you!!!

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