7 Zodiac Signs That Will Experience Major Changes in 2020

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There are some who will see major changes in the coming year. From developing new skills, meeting new people, to even finding love. Let’s talk about 7 zodiac signs that will experience this. Strap yourselves in!

#1 Scorpio

You might want to invest this time in traveling to new places. In case you aren’t much of an explorer then you can try acquiring new skills. You will have to be very open-minded in 2020 though. Jupiter, the planet of luck is going spend the entire year transitioning between Sagittarius and Capricorn. This will affect the luck factors of many zodiac signs.

#2 Sagittarius

Your ruling planet Jupiter is going to spend almost half the year focused on your sign. So get ready because this might be a good opportunity for self-discovery. You will find yourself drawn to new things in life. You might have come across some of these things before, but failed to pay much attention to them. Well, this is a good time to change all of that.

#3 Capricorn

This year may be more than just work for you though. You may find yourself being drawn into things you didn’t know you had interests in. You will find yourself loving and appreciating the simpler things in life. While you crave to climb the social ladder, you are still a people’s person at heart. You like to hang out with common people. This will help you gain more respect this year.

#4 Aquarius

Your social circle is likely to increase. You will have so many of them that it will be hard for you to stay connected to each one. As far as luck is concerned, it will be on your side this year, as both Sagittarius and Capricorn are compatible with you.

#5 Virgo

You will achieve new things at work and find yourself being more productive. Keep putting in that extra effort like you always do and you will end up with a promotion. So work hard and keep yourself relaxed. This year will be a roller coaster ride for you with new highs. You need to make sure that you have a strong grip on yourself.

#6 Pisces

It’s going to be a year of opportunities for you. You will get exposure to new people, work, and if you like to travel, probably other cultures. You will make new connections, most of which will help you in life. So be prepared because it is going to be an adventurous year for you. On that note, try and connect with other water signs.

#7 Taurus
You will see some drastic changes in the relationship department as well. You will find yourself attracted to people you have known for a while. Unfortunately, you didn’t picture them that way at first. You are likely to do it this year. But be prepared for a few rejections because some might just want to stay friends.

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