9 Ways To Help You Stay Focused & Strengthen Your Mind

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Normal aging means you could find it harder to focus and retain information. It happens to the best of us, but the good news is you can improve your focus with these few helpful tips!

1. Find Out What Distracts You
The first thing you should do when working on your focus is figuring out what distracts you. The biggest source of distractions is other people, competing priorities, general distractions, and workload.

2. Have A Dedicated Workspace
If your workspace is noisy, cluttered and unorganized it’s going to be hard for you to focus on anything. Ambient noise can cause your body to release more of the stress hormone called Cortisol and too much cortisol can impair your focus.

3. Create A To-Do List
The most successful people plan out what needs to be done. Studies show that creating a plan for the day can increase your productivity. Not only that, but it frees your mind from worrying about the things you have yet to do.

4. Get Your Beauty Rest
Getting a goodnight’s sleep can help you focus but it can also be beneficial to your health in so many ways. The average recommended amount of sleep for an adult is about 7 or more hours a night. Loss of sleep is one of the most common treatable that impacts daily functioning.

6. Exercise
Yes, we all know exercise is good for the body, AND the mind. Moving your body on a regular basis has numerous health benefits. This includes brain health, as regular exercise can improve your memory capacity and concentration.

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