Capricorn March 2020 Astrology BIG CHOICES Which Path Will You Choose?

You are currently viewing Capricorn March 2020 Astrology BIG CHOICES Which Path Will You Choose?

Capricorn, your March 2020 Astrology video provides astrological insight into your personal development, love, career, business, health, spiritual growth, and prosperity and so much more. Enjoy!

Your Kindred Spirits report provides an in-depth insight into how you are relationships. It provides an astrological consideration of your relationship patterns and offers insights into how to meet your needs in intimate unions, from your first budding relationships with your family, through to associations with friends, and peers, and ultimately your significant adult bonds.

Some people celebrate the New Year on January 1. Nothing wrong with that, but if you want to celebrate your personal new year, look to your Solar Return. Every year when the Sun returns to your exact degree at birth, you are in a new Solar Return. What Solar Return opportunities await you?

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  1. D L

    I appreciate you dropping all of the monthly videos at the same time. That’s cool.

    1. june moon

      Mama Kelly is there for everybody 😂

  2. Kari Ivins-Senft

    Thank you for your time and energy Miss Kelley!

  3. Mohsen aliyari

    I’ve nothing to say just appreciate because of dedicating your precious time for us ,, God bless you 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Michelle

    Kelley! Wow! Yes! On point!! Since 2008 been the hardest times of my life! And last month I finally felt things changing without seeing the change – I just felt it! as of last week I’m just seeing the change in the 3D now! 🙏🏽❤️

    1. James Kok Leong Wong

      Correct …so much changes happening to me too … last month seems a major upgrade for myself. I can see my goals coming true …

  5. Ashly McHatton

    Omg. I’m so grateful that you posted this today. I needed something upbeat. Thank you. Can’t wait to watch it.

  6. Ashly McHatton

    “What is it that I love and value? How am I using my resources to create the life I want?” These are such good questions and for sure have been asking and feeling the pull from them. I am looking forward to the vision of the future that March promises. It’s been a heck of a journey since 2008.

    1. Kelley Rosano

      Thank you for sharing your experience Ashly.

    2. Karen Griesel

      For me too…since 2007!!

    3. Thembeka Mageza

      For me too, was just thinking about how this feels I’m ending a chapter that started in 2008 & am walking into a new one that feels like it’ll be where I should be if the last decade or so hadn’t happened

  7. wild yunga

    Since 2008… That explains why my whole life has been tough.

    1. Azra

      @Capricorn’s Love me too

    2. Capricorn’s Love

      Azra im so sorry

    3. Toh Jia Xin


    4. aaliyah moore

      I was nine in 2008 and that’s makes so much sense because that’s when things started getting really tough for me. I haven’t felt like I’ve truly known myself since then but already this year I’ve felt myself changing. I’m finding myself again ❤️ I am so ready to see what this year holds for me 😁😁 things are already getting better and I am so so happy about that. It’s definitely time to put myself first again. Hang in there guys, we’re almost out of this tough time. We got this!

    5. Aliya Grubbs

      wild yunga same 😩

  8. Eliza Fernandes

    My future is so blurry, nothing I do is working

    1. Moon And Stars

      Stay positive saturn is moving to aquarius
      We’ve all been through hell since 2008 but ‘from the last two years most of us have been feeling trapped but don’t give up in won’t last long. We’re at the end of this very long race

    2. Moon And Stars

      Saturn is done with 1st and 2nd decan but 3rd one need to be patient for some months

    3. Reason and Emotion In Balance

      Don’t Give Up. Peter Gabriel.

    4. Dr. Chandan Gumra

      You’ll have an awesome future, I mean it. ❤ Good luck! 🙌

    5. menieres-free

      @Moon And Stars Exactly!

  9. College Student

    Thanks for the reading.
    I am praying for good secured life.
    From past 10 years I am building myself against all odds. I don’t have any support other than my hardwork and family.
    I have lost every thing in my life. I don’t have job nor age. All the saved money I had invested on my education didn’t give me any returns other than a piece of White paper. That degree is not considered here and nobody consider that for job. It is considered incompetent level.
    I have to study again to get a job to make my living and clear debt if that waste degree.
    Don’t know what will happen in the future.
    I just pray it’s success and happiness in life n career

    1. Mampe Lesetla

      College Student same thing here, I am doing a third Masters, I hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel after I completed. It’s very frustrating because I see myself study and achieving perpetually and have nothing to show for it. 😭

    2. College Student

      @Mampe Lesetla Thanks and Good Luck with it.

  10. Ms.Love&Light Goddess

    Sometimes I feel like I know what I want, but then my mind races, I get off course because I have been through hell and it seems like I kept making the wrong decision. I lost trust in myself. So deciding anything has been hard for me. I will keep faith that God is working on me and has his spiritual hands on my life from here on. I will not lose faith.

    1. Ash Mac


    2. Aliya Grubbs

      I feel you! On top of her readings I listen to (Rockstar Affirmations) every night they have helped me tremendously 💪🏾 listen at night right before bed! Cheers to the healing, health and prosperity that is here!

  11. simonaab clegg

    I promise it will be a bottle of champagne 🍾 🥂

    1. Yeny Vargas

      simonaab clegg yes!!

  12. Queen Dezi

    Life has been so great since I moved From that toxic state relationships just emotionally drained but now I’m living my Best life Putting MYSELF FIRST gaining wisdom I feel like universe been blessing me I been enjoying going out meeting new people I been Blooming this 2020 trying Start a Business up by March or April this is awesome I have found my passion took awhile I could never figure it out what I’m good at I finally figured it out beautiful thank you so much Kelley!!

  13. Alessandra Fanizzi

    I felt every single word you said. You captured the Cappy (Crappy-to-happy) spirit so gracefully. thank you so much, once again dear beautiful soul. Looking forward to making inner and outer changes that talk clarity to me. Thank you <3 <3

  14. Nasir Rains

    You feel that DOPAMINE when you hear Kelley

  15. Gala

    All I love and value is money. Period. 😀😀😀 Capricorn sun.

  16. Mariana Vazquez Miguens

    Im a capricorn raising. True since 2008…not one relationship in my life last…I ‘ve lost the faith. Thank you Kelly for your detailed explanations.

    1. Kelley Rosano

      You are so welcome

  17. Steve Stelpflug

    Same here Ashly McHatton and Kelley Rosano. I would just add that it’s been the most difficult journey of my life. I’m really looking forward to this month and all of the promise it has to offer. Cheers to all of my fellow Capricorns who have survived these past 12 years with their sanity and dignity intact! What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.

  18. Tamara R. Potts

    I hope you’re so right I can’t wait I need some happiness

  19. C. Light

    Finally!!! It’s comforting to see from the comments below that I haven’t been alone on this arduous journey, Capricorns turn, I’m so ready! YES

    1. Kelley Rosano

      Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Compassionate Capricorn

    I’ve been down. I’ve had alot of things happen since 2008. I’m tired. I was thinking…is this it? Is this how good it’s going to get? I feel so lost. Just doing one day at time. Trying to be positive. Why live, if it’s just the same old crap. Now, off to work that I desperately hate. Overwhelmed. Overworked.

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