How to get Hired in the Zodiac Industry

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You’ve loved Astrology and Zodiac as early as you can remember. You’ve acquired quite a collection of Astrology books and gadgets throughout the years.  You love doing birth charts for your friends and family and performed countless readings for them. You have all the latest Astrology Apps on your phone and use them daily.  You read your horoscope daily and obsess over it. You love it so much that you now find yourself wanting to play a more active role in this field of vast knowledge. 

Working in the Astrology & Zodiac Industry: Where do I begin?

The Astrology and Zodiac Industry may not be in the Book of high demand Occupations. You don’t personally know any working Astrologers.  There is no accrediting body for you to turn to ask about the industry standards or specifics. There are no brick and mortar Astrology Educational Institutions nearby that you can waltz into asking the help desk for a brochure on how to get started.

In addition to these unknown variables, and like any other field of vast knowledge, there are different serving roles under the Astrology umbrella. Do you want to be more behind the scenes or up close and center? Or do you desire both, etc.?  Depending on your answers to these questions, this will determine where you should start. So, who do you turn to? Where do you even start? 

Make sure your Resume is tailor made for the Astrology & Zodiac Industry

Regardless of which role you are looking for within the Astrology and Zodiac Industry, you should have an up to date Resume that is tailor made for the Astrology and Zodiac Industry.  On your Resume, make sure to create a well- defined industry specific objective. Highlight your skills that will clearly let your job prospects know what kind of expertise and value you will be bringing to the table.  List any Astrology courses or Astrology education you may have had, as well as hands on experience.

Search for Astrology and Zodiac Websites Looking for Writers

This is especially important if you are looking to be a writer in the Astrology and Zodiac Industry.  Also, if you prefer to be more behind the scenes. Many websites are looking for volunteer writers and they do not pay.  They will give you a biography to get your name out in the Industry. You may have to take some of these gigs before getting paid within the Industry. 

Check Online Hiring Platforms for Work within the Astrology & Zodiac Industry

Upwork is an online platform that connects freelancers with clients.  Firstly, you will need to sign up and create a profile that highlights your skills.  Then, you can search for Astrology and Zodiac industry related jobs by searching and filtering your results.  Another online platform where you can look for and find Astrology and Zodiac jobs is Truelancer.  Truelancer is a freelance marketplace with thousands of Astrology and Freelance jobs. LinkedIn is a Network and Job Finder site that you can also check out for Astrology and related jobs. You will need to create a professional profile here also, showcasing your Astrology and Zodiac Skills. 

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