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If you have previously checked your sign according to the Chinese Horoscope, you will surely know that according to their energy, personality characteristics, and tastes, there are signs more compatible with you than others. Today, we will be analyzing the Rat sign in terms of their love relationships. Ready for some romance? Let’s start!

Rat Chinese horoscope:

Years: 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008.


Best Match: Rabbit-Dragon-Horse

Maybe: Ox-Pig-Monkey

Next: Goat-Rooster-Tiger

Rat’s Romantic Strategy:

Inviting you to live life to the fullest. Rats know that every minute counts; They are tiny mammals chased by too many natural predators to take things lightly. In that sense, when they are in love, they will use each of their resources to make you happy. But! If you don’t reciprocate the attention, you’ll quickly see its long tail heading in another direction.

Chinese love horoscope for the Rat:

Don’t get me wrong! According to the Chinese Horoscope, Rats are very faithful and loyal to their partners. It’s just that they won’t hang on to someone who wants to play with their hearts. Using their instinct, rats can see inside your soul and detect a lie almost immediately. Rats are the best liars and tricksters of the Chinese Horoscope. 

Full of mysteries, when a Rat loves someone, they’ll want their partner to feel as if they were on a permanent honeymoon. Going to the movies, sharing the same milkshake straw, wearing matching outfits… When they are happy, they become very cheesy. But, if you push their nerves, you will find an ice wall that can freeze your blood. They are masters of indifference and deceit.

Nevertheless, they yearn to have a big family, but they will also expect to have the resources to support them. That is why they are kind of workaholics and cheapskates — reaching the end of the month with no money? Splurging? Not in a mice’s house. Help them to calculate their taxes, and they will love you forever.

Metal Rat Year:

2020 is a critical year for people born under the Rat sign of the Chinese Horoscope. This is a Rat year, meaning the cycle begins again. Therefore, Rats will face challenges that will encourage their spiritual growth during the next year. Also, being a Metal year, the lessons will be more oriented to finance and prosperity. 

Economically speaking, if you were born under the influence of the Rat sign, next year, you are going to enjoy a deserved reward. When it comes to love, your current relationship will need some work on your communication skills. Think twice before you speak and consider that many times we stumble with the same stone until we change course.

Intimate Life:

With Rats, we find a little bit of everything. Passion, distrust, contradictions. They are so sure of what they want, yet they don’t know how to get there. Their love approach is practice and error. And they do love to practice. 

Rat’s Love Backgrounds:

In terms of relationships, Rats tend to play the field before committing. They want to understand exactly what kind of love they want for the rest of their lives. In their past relationships, they have always defected because they feel undervalued, or that they are the only ones that contribute to the well-being of the relationship.

How to win their hearts?

Make them laugh, don’t overwhelm them with obligations. Corner them, and you will witness the almost magical Rat’s ability to disappear before your eyes. Let things evolve naturally, and before you know it, they will give you a full moon made of cheese.

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  1. Vania

    According to the Chinese astrology of 4 Pillars, the Rat and the Horse are in a clash relationship, so how is that you say they are the best match?

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