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Western Astrology places a lot of emphasis on the Sun Sign, but the Moon Sign is equally important. This is particularly true for females.  The Moon exhibits emotions, feminine qualities, traits, and characteristics. When the Moon transits through one of the zodiac signs, it takes on the same attributes as that sign.  Here we will look at the Moon Sign Aquarius. 

Moon Sign Aquarius Characteristics 

People born with their Moon Sign in Aquarius are unique, original and eccentric. They walk to the beat of their own drum and rebel against conformity. This doesn’t mean Aquarian Moon Sign people do not like to be a part of a group.  In fact, they long to be a part of a group of like-minded and innovative thinkers such as themselves. Aquarius is home to the 11th house of the zodiac, which is known as the house of friends, groups, and benefactors. This makes Moon Sign Aquarians very sociable and friendly individuals, despite their independent nature.  

Aquarius is a fixed sign, so this makes Moon Sign Aquarians stick to their ideas and beliefs. They are not easily swayed by others when it comes to their ideals, ethics, and virtues. Moon Sign Aquarius people are humanitarian in nature and love to fight for causes they believe in.  They have a great interest in social justice and reform. 

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, who has also been called, “freedom from the known.”  Freedom from things such as conformity, authority, social constructs, and old ways of thinking are what Moon Sign Aquarians long for. They are forward-thinking people who are always coming up with new ideas, methods, ideologies, and innovations.  They can be revolutionaries of their time, making great inventors and scientists. They are creative and pioneering spirits, usually ahead of their time.

Those with their Moon Sign in Aquarius may value friendship over love.  A strong friendship is a strong prerequisite to a lasting and loving relationship.  Moon Sign Aquarius people can often seem emotionally detached, but they spend more time in their minds due to their ruling air element.  They also exercise great control over their emotions.

Moon Sign Aquarius Health & Body

Moon Sign Aquarius corresponds with the circulatory system, ankles, calves, and shins.  It is important for Moon Sign Aquarius people to engage in cardiovascular type exercise and activities.  Exercises that strengthen the ankles and calves are particularly important. Massage is also a great healing modality for Moon Sign Aquarians, as it helps promote circulation.  Eating foods high in iron and mineral supplements are helpful for Moon Sign Aquarius people. Herbs for heart health such as hawthorn, ginger, and garlic are beneficial.

Moon Sign Aquarius Emotions

When the Moon transits through Aquarius, people can feel torn between restriction and rebellion.  This is due to Aquarius’s rulers, Saturn and Uranus, which basically are opposite in nature. Saturn exhibits restrictions and boundaries, and Uranus is boundless.  People will also have a desire to rally around a cause they believe in, or engage in some form of charity.

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