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Western Astrology often places more emphasis on the Sun Sign than the Moon sign.  However, the opposite is true in Hindu (Vedic) Astrology. The Moon sign is particularly important in Hindu Astrology. In Hindu Astrology, the Moon and the mansions of the Moon form the karmic blueprint of the individual. 

The Moon Sign Symbolism & Meaning

The Moon symbolizes the undercurrents and life themes that run through a person’s life. It often symbolizes the unconscious and automatic systems of the body.  The Moon Sign refers to the emotional and instinctive side of a person’s personality. The sign of the zodiac the Moon was in at the time of a person’s birth is what defines their Moon Sign. When the Moon transits through a certain zodiac sign, those planetary energies influence and affects the overall collective. 

The Moon Sign and the Body

The Moon Sign correlates to various automatic systems within the body.  Body systems that strongly correspond to the Moon are the digestive system and the woman’s menstrual cycle.  The Moon Sign can also correspond to specific body parts. Each Moon Sign has a different way of coping with sickness and healing.  Moon Sign Taurus longs for extra touch when they are ill. Extra hugging and physical touch from those close to them helps them to heal.

The Moon Sign and its Divine Feminine Element

The Moon is connected with feminine energy.  It is often more important for women and children than the Sun Sign.  If a person has a Moon Sign of Cancer, their mother will play a very important role in their life. A man’s Moon Sign will determine how he acts towards and perceives the women and children in his life.  A man with his Moon sign in Taurus will be very loyal and committed to the women and children in his life. 

Moon Sign Taurus Characteristics

People born with Moon Sign Taurus are dependable, stable and down to earth.  They often don’t embrace change easily, as Taurus is a fixed sign.   They often have trouble starting new projects, but once they do, they always see every detail through to the end.  A person born with their Moon in Taurus craves stability and to know things are going according to plan. They don’t feel comfortable with unexpected changes and offbeat routines.  When the Moon transits through Taurus its effects influence the general collective. The Moon in Taurus makes people focus on practical matters such as home projects, DIY, cooking, gardening, and landscaping.  Relationship wise, the Moon in Taurus can make partners more committed. Negatively, the Moon in Taurus can make people resistant to change and quite stubborn. 

Moon Sign Taurus Health 

People born with their Moon Sign in Taurus usually have a love of rich and exotic foods. This means they need to watch their diet carefully to avoid overindulgence in sweet foods.   Moon sign Taurus people are very sensual, and they love the feel of touch. This makes massage a great healing modality that will benefit their overall health. Moon Sign Taurus corresponds with the body parts of the neck and the throat.

Moon Sign Taurus Emotions

The Moon is in exaltation within the sign of Taurus, making it emotionally strong.  The Moon in Taurus brings out a motherly instinct in people, making them very good with children.  People care a lot extra about others and there is an increase in nurturing them with food and material security.  Since Venus is the Ruler of Taurus, people feel an extra desire for beauty and the pleasures of life. They will possess an intense desire to beautify their bodies, eat delicious and exotic foods, and engage in their physical senses.

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