You are currently viewing 4 AMAZING Ways Your Brain CREATES Your REALITY!

These 4 Amazing Brain Facts will show you how your brain creates your reality! Reality is not exactly as it seems! Brain science shows us that our brains tend to see what we expect to see. And they are always looking to make connections, close gaps, and see patterns as a means of running efficiently. In essence, the brain creates reality.

All perception is the brain’s construction of past information. It will use the past to predict what will manifest in the present moment, as well as in the future. And just because we see something visually, it doesn’t mean we necessarily see the true reality of it.

From a manifestation point of view, this is important to understand so we can question any assumptions our brain automatically makes. In doing so, we have the opportunity to manifest something new. This is how the law of attraction really works. It’s all about how we perceive the world, not necessarily how we attract things. When we change our perception, we change our view and the things we create and experience in our lives.

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