A new future for the world

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From Human to #Metahuman: A new future for the world.🌎

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  1. Pablo

    aquarius age?

    1. Virtual Insanity

      Pablo tercero pastor Kali yuga

  2. LeandruPS

    Encontrei o canal por estar procurando o livro “Você é sua cura”…quero dar de presente para algumas pessoas.
    Que legal…não conhecia o canal….vou acompanhar!
    Sou do Brasil


    Thank you😘 Deepak 😍

  4. About Creativity

    Very good, Ready! ´´invent and create´´ ´´field of infinite possibilities´´ ´´creation of an ideal society´´

  5. train Music

    Agree with you Deepak the present collective paradigm is doing so much damage to the Planet, wildlife, people, collective consciousness, oh yes a New Frontier is definitely what we need that has no memes of conflict, no demoralization effects, no power grabs for insanely selfish and destructive purposes and really allow countries to maintain their cultures and every country receives help to gain stability and healthy lifestyle and no more mass migration

  6. Virtual Insanity

    It seems easy to misinterpret ‘the physical world is an illusion’. There’s already a cultural apparatus that doesn’t take the physical world seriously enough in that they deny climate change or even biological sex.

  7. Virtual Insanity

    It might be my tamasic and analytical nature or state but big ideas and more concepts are kind of unhelpful for me. I think so much as it is my head will explode.

  8. Celia Luz


    1. Joe Brennan.

      Celia, this is for you. ….🌷💖💖💖💖💖

  9. Ingrid Johana

    Lo haces parecer como si fuéramos un error de la creación, esclavos de la existencia…es claro que debemos ir en aras de la evolución, pero estamos aquí siendo lo que somos ahora, en constante desarrollo., cuál es el pecado..?

  10. jennymiko

    Thank you! 🙏🏽💫

  11. Chris Carter


  12. Goutam Dutta

    So, to create ideal society we need collective ideal mind

  13. Kcab79allright

    The world is our collective dream. Let’s dream consciously… Let’s dream creatively… Together. Let’s let love heal the wounds of ignorance, let’s focus on reality. 🙏

  14. BlackBerry Pie

    Im on board with this plan!!!

  15. Sarrah Goldstein

    Together 🙏 🌬 ❤ 🌿 🌈 🦅 🌎

  16. Berta Nelson

    Yes. Let’s dream a beautiful, loving, empowered dream! Thank you.

  17. maninsligo

    Agreed. This is the same old same old, regurgitated in a new book entitled ‘metahuman’. With the same predictable response from all the fans. All experience has already happened. Do you think you are saying this because you have published over 80 books? Are you stuck in a perpetual psychological loop of revelations?

  18. jen plaska-dansereau

    100000000000000% love to love and light, all. Namaste 💚💛🖤🤎🤍❤🧡💙💜🙏💥

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